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Last Updated: August 2020
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While the oils (the base of all the company’s products) from CBD Infusionz are somewhat lackluster—average quality and priced accordingly, the array of CBD edibles is impressive. If you are a gummy aficionado, then this may be your favorite CBD company yet.

Overall Rating
CBD Quality83%
Customer Service80%

There is not much to the CBD Infusionz branding. The website conveys information to its customers in a succinct, straightforward way; and the focus is mostly on the products themselves. Edibles seem to be the star of the show with CBD Infusionz, and the company carries an astounding assortment of CBD gummies, lollipops, cookies, honey, and chewing gum.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, not to worry. The company also carries the standard CBD oils, capsules, lotions, and pet products. You can even find a few surprises like drink mixes, coffee, and CBD tonic with elderberries.

Based in Colorado, CBD Infusionz sources it hemp from some of the state’s biggest farms and it uses an ethanol extraction process to create its full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oils.

The full spectrum oil we sampled from the company was not a particularly robust or potent formula, but it did have a small amount of CBG present in addition to the CBD in the oil. The lab results the company shares online point to weaker full and broad spectrum formulas as well. 

The company is not particularly focused on educating its customers, so it isn’t a great choice if you are new to CBD; and those looking for a strong entourage effect will likely be disappointed.

CBD Infusionz has average quality CBD for an average price. The big appeal here is all the edibles. If you are into getting your CBD in the form of a tasty snack, you will be hard-pressed to run out of options any time soon with CBD Infusionz. 

Quick Summary


  • 25 different kinds of gummies, all customizable by formula and more
  • All standard formats of CBD including lotions, oils, and capsules
  • CBD oil available in very high concentration
  • Broad spectrum and full spectrum formulas available
  • Lightning fast shipping 


  • Full and broad spectrum formulas not particularly potent
  • Lab results shared are not comprehensive

Background Information

Proudly based in Denver, Colorado, CBD Infusionz was founded in 2014. Golden Development, a company focused on growing newer cannabis companies acquired CBD Infusionz in 2019, but it doesn’t appear that much has changed since the acquisition.

CBD Infusionz may be suffering as a result of the COVID pandemic, because the company took out a PPP loan in May of 2020.

CBD infusions sources its hemp from a few of the larger farms in Colorado. Most hemp farms in the state use primarily organic growing methods, though they are not technically certified. The company uses a sub-zero ethanol extraction method to make its CBD, and we were happy to report that we found no solvent residuals in its oil.

You can find all the third party lab results on the website, and CBD Infusionz keeps everything current, sharing results from every batch.

Shipping and Returns

CBD Infusionz states that they will process your order within three to five business days after you place it, and the company has also indicated that orders may currently be delayed due to recent measures to keep employees safe while the country deals with the coronavirus. They ship all orders through the USPS. All 50 states are able to get deliveries, but CBD Infusionz does not currently accept international orders. Postage is calculated at checkout.

We love it when a company gets our CBD to us faster than promised, and CBD Infusionz had us thrilled with their delivery. We ordered during the week, our oil was packed up and shipped the following day, and we got our order two days later, just in time for the weekend! 

This company does not offer a satisfaction guarantee, but you do have 30 days to return your product unopened and in its original condition if you want a refund. You are responsible for all shipping costs, and they are non-refundable.

CBD Infusionz’s Products


CBD Infusionz carries both broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD oils. They are a bit weak, in that they do not contain the whole array of minor cannabinoids (like CBN, CBC, and CBG) that contribute to the entourage effect.

Additionally, the full spectrum CBD oil should contain more THC than it does. Our sample had none, and the lab results for other batches shared on the website indicate that they contain only a smattering—far less than the 0.3 percent allowed by law.

Regardless, both the broad and full spectrum formulas from this company do contain a low concentration of some minor cannabinoids that may enhance the efficacy of the CBD.

We like the flexibility of concentrations with these oils, with very low doses for beginners, and super-strength doses for people who need something extra. 

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture ($26.99 – $269.99) – This is your standard full spectrum CBD oil. Suspended in MCT oil, and available in a multitude of concentrations for ultimate flexibility.

Choose between strengths ranging from 300mg to a whopping 5280mg of CBD, all available in a 30mL bottle. The company no longer sells the 125mg concentration that we ordered to sample.

Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture ($26.99 – $269.99) – Essentially the same as the full spectrum oil except all THC has been removed. Blended with MCT oil and available in a range of concentrations.

Choose between strengths ranging from 300mg to a whopping 5280mg of CBD, all available in a 30mL bottle. The company no longer sells the 125mg concentration.

CBD Capsules

If you don’t like the way CBD oil tastes, you are not alone. Many people opt for an alternative way to get their CBD so they don’t have to deal with the mess or the bitter flavor. CBD capsules are a convenient way to get your CBD without the hassle or the yuck.

CBD Infusionz only carries their capsules in the full spectrum formula, so you are out of luck if you want to take your CBD without THC in this format. However, the company has an extensive line of gummies available in both formulas.

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsules Soft Gel ($35.99 – $99.99) – These soft gels are made with gelatin, so they are not for vegans.

They are filled with the company’s signature full spectrum formula, coconut oil, glycerin, and the bioavailability enhancer kolliphor HS 15. The last ingredient is a low-toxicity substance that aids absorption.

CBD Gummies

Fully customizable and with 25 different varieties, the gummies here are the real showstopper. There are too many to write about each and every one, so we will group them into categories to give you an idea of what you can enjoy from CBD Infusionz.

In addition to all the gummies options, you can also find pretty lollipops, long-lasting hard candy, sweet honey, and crunchy waffle cookies. It’s like a visit to the candy shop with this company, only way more chill.

CBD Gummies ($11.99 – $88.99) – The basic gummy, but with sooo many to choose from. You can find watermelon, mixed fruit, spearmint, fruit rings, red fish, fruit snacks, and more. When you order, choose CBD amounts ranging from 100mg to 1200mg, with or without melatonin, and full or broad spectrum. All the options are available for most selections of gummies.

CBD Sour Gummies ($11.99 – $88.99) – Get ready to bring on the pucker with eight different sour gummies to choose from. They come in concentrations of 10mg or 20mg of CBD per gummy, in containers of 10 to 60. Again, choose regular gummies or PM gummies with melatonin; and full spectrum or broad spectrum formulas.

CBD Natural Gummies ($11.99 – $88.99) – Its a real challenge to find gummies that are all natural, but CBD Infusionz has filled the void with its all natural gummies made with organic ingredients and added vitamin C. Choose between three gummies, and one is even vegan!

These all come with the same options as the other gummies. 100mg to 1200mg of CBD, Daytime of PM formula with melatonin, and broad or full spectrum.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are a great way to target specific spots that may be giving you trouble. CBD Infusionz makes some excellent topicals that you can use to massage away the stiffness, freeze away the pain, or just moisturize and relax with some aromatherapy. 

CBD Massage Oil ($34.99 – $64.99) – This massage oil is intended for professionals to use in their studios, but you don’t have to be a masseuse to use it. Made with mineral, sunflower, jojoba seed, and olive oil, with added vitamins E & A for intense moisturizing, you can add your own essential oils for a personalized experience that will melt away the tension.

Choose between 500mg or 1000mg of broad spectrum CBD. Product page does not indicate size.

CBD Muscle Freeze Gel ($34.99 – $64.99) – Perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts who tend to overdo it, or anyone who battles sore muscles, this is a classic sports gel made with natural menthol, aloe vera, and tea tree oil. Choose between 500mg and 1000mg of broad spectrum CBD per four ounce bottle for intense relief.

Orange Cinnamon Spice CBD Body Butter ($34.99 – $64.99) – When you just need some aromatherapy and relaxing, this body butter is just the thing. This nongreasy formula is lightly scented with orange and cinnamon. Choose between 500mg and 1000mg of broad spectrum CBD per four ounce bottle.

Pet Products

CBD Infustionz wants your pets to feel great, too. They have put together a selection of products just for your furry friends that are bound to please. You can find pet CBD tincture for all your four-legged friends, and four different flavors of treats just for your pooch.

CBD Pet Tincture ($40.49 – $112.49) – This CBD is made just like the stuff they make for humans, with broad spectrum CBD and MCT oil. Choose between 250mg, 500mg, or 1000mg in a 30mL bottle, then read up on CBD for your pets on the CBD Infusionz blog.

Natural CBD Dog Treats ($17.99 – $29.99) – These crunchy dog treats are sure to make your pup bark for joy. Made with superfoods like blueberries and cranberries, choose between flavors like salmon, bacon,peanut butter, or cheddar. These treats are made with either 5mg or 10mg of broad spectrum CBD each, and you find them in bags of 25 or 50.

Lab Results

We always send a sample of CBD oil from the companies we review to a third party lab, to see for ourselves that what is on the label is in the bottle.

We sent a sample of CBD Infusionz 150mg full spectrum CBD off for testing and shared the results below. The company no longer offers the 150mg concentration, but these results are fairly indicative of the company’s formulas.

As you can see, the labeling was right on the money as far as CBD content. The oil did contain some CBG as well. Considering the low concentration and the fact that it was the only minor cannabinoid on our list that was present, this is a pretty weak full spectrum formula.

There was no THC at all, and there should be some in any full spectrum CBD oil (up to 0.3 percent). Without the minor actives and THC, the entourage effect for this oil will be muted at best.

The Facts

What Was TestedThe Results
Product TestedCBD Infusionz 150mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
Price/mg of CBD$0.17
Claimed CBD mg/package150mg 
Actual total CBD mg/package152mg
Actual total THC mg/packageNone detected
Actual total CBN mg/packageNone detected
Actual total CBC mg/packageNone detected
Actual total CBG mg/package3mg

Website Experience

The CBD Infusionz website is effective at its mission of selling CBD. You can easily find all the products in the company’s line (though the menu is a bit tedious to use), and you can search for items in the search bar right at the top of the page.

There really are no extras on this site. The homepage simply greets customers with “Welcome to Infusionz! Happy Shopping!” and gets right into displaying its products. There is a blog that has a few informative articles, but they are sparse.

Customer Service

CBD Infusionz responded to our email within a day after it was sent. Their customer service team was very cordial and provided us with a host of resources to learn more.

If we had any criticisms, it’d be that we wished they spent more time talking to us than giving out links to articles and blog posts. Regardless, we would say that our impression was mostly positive.

Final Verdict

CBD Infusionz is a straightforward company that doesn’t really put a lot of effort into branding. Instead, it lets its product selection do the selling. As far as the actual formulas go, the broad and full spectrum products are not particularly impressive. They contain the amount of CBD on the label, but other minor cannabinoid concentrations are weak, if present at all.

The real homerun for this company, though, is its variety of CBD gummies and edibles. It has 25 different kinds of gummies and a number of other fun items to choose from. The best part is that the gummies are all fully customizable, with your choice of concentration and formula. You can even choose gummies with melatonin.

While the oils (the base of all the company’s products) from CBD Infusionz are somewhat lackluster—average quality and priced accordingly, the array of CBD edibles is impressive. If you are a gummy aficionado, then this may be your favorite CBD company yet.

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