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Last Updated: September 2020
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CBDPure has created a good full spectrum CBD formula; and the company is honest about the amount labeled in each bottle (despite confusing dose instructions). Though it is missing the minor cannabinoid, CBN, the oil is still fairly robust and potent.

Overall Rating
CBD Quality92%
Customer Service100%

CBDPure is a family-owned brand of NutraPure—a Washington-based hemp research and distribution company. The company uses organic practices for every part of production, from seed to sale, and all products are backed by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau means that a company puts its customers first, and is eager to resolve any issues to their satisfaction. This rating is reserved for only the most trusted companies, and CBDPure has made it onto that list. There are only a few complaints listed on the BBB site, and they have all been satisfactorily resolved. 

CBDPure did receive a letter of warning from the FDA in March, 2019, for making medical claims and not providing adequate instructions for usage. By now, most of us know that CBD has many physical and mental wellness benefits.

However, CBD companies are not allowed to make any of these statements in their advertising or anywhere else on their website. CBDPure has since removed the claims, but the dosage instructions are still not entirely clear.

This may be a point of concern for some customers; but many companies received these letters from the FDA when the industry was new, due to the fact that marketing guidelines have never been entirely cut-and-dry.

The CBD oil, capsules, cream, and pet oil that CBDPure carries are made with a well-rounded full spectrum formula—free of pesticides and solvents—and the prices of the CBD oil for humans and the cream are accessible for most CBD consumers.

The past warning letter from the FDA, and the lack of information on the website may give pause when considering this company; but CBDPure’s reasonable prices, good-quality formula, and 90-day guarantee are all reasons to suggest at least taking a look at this company for your next full spectrum CBD oil purchase.

Quick Summary


  • Complete full-spectrum formula
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Organic practices for hemp-growing and product manufacturing
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Third party test results available on website


  • No THC-free products available
  • Pet CBD oil and capsules are disproportionately expensive
  • FDA warning letter in March 2019

Background Information

CJ Montgomery grew up in Idaho and went to law school before following a friend out to Vancouver Washington, where he founded Speedwinds Nutrition, Inc.—a nutritional supplement company. Sixteen years later, in 2016, he saw the benefits of CBD and used his legal and nutritional supplement experience to found NutraPure (the parent company for CBDPure).

Montgomery is a member of the Hemp Industries Association, and he has played a role in expanding hemp agricultural legislation in his state. You will have to dig to find any background information about CBDPure or Montgomery, as none is available on the company’s website.

CBDPure states that its hemp is sourced from family farms using organic practices in Washington and Colorado. The company ensures that it uses all-natural ingredients and techniques in everything it does—from testing the soil the hemp seeds are planted in, to CO2 extraction, to final processing and bottling.

One thing we appreciate about CBDPure, is the company’s publication of its third party lab results right on the website. They are not the easiest to find, but they are accessible by a link found on the “What is CBDPure?” page. The results are simple to read, and they are updated with every new batch.

Shipping and Returns

CBDPure does not make any claims about their shipping policies before you place your order, but they use standard USPS, UPS, and third-party shipping. Charges are calculated at checkout, and the company fills orders in all US states.

CBDPure claims it does not ship outside the US at this time. However, the parent company, NutraPure, does have a distribution site headquartered in the UK.

We always use the standard shipping methods when we order our CBD, so we get the same experience as the average customer. We put our order in on a Friday, and it was processed within two business days. We got our package in the mail three days later, for a total of five business days from order to delivery.

CBDPure has one of the most generous return policies out of any CBD company on the internet. You have 90 days to give your products a try, and they will refund your purchase price if you are not satisfied for any reason—even if you have used the entire bottle of product.

CBDPure’s Products


CBD oil offers the highest level of flexibility in your dosing, because you can take just a few drops or a whole dropperful. Many appreciate the fast action of taking CBD oil sublingually, and easily incorporate it into their daily rituals.

CBDPure’s full spectrum CBD oil comes in three different strengths, and they all contain 60mL of oil, which is double the usual size of 30mL. The formula contains two out of the three minor cannabinoids on our list, is decently robust and potent, and our independent lab results indicate that each bottle contains the amount of CBD labeled.

Despite the fact that the overall amount of CBD is labeled accurately, the dosing instructions appear to be for bottles that have the same amount of CBD in a 30mL bottle.

CBDPure Hemp Oil ($29.99 – $79.99) – CBDPure makes their full spectrum CBD by using CO2 extraction, then suspending the extracted product in natural hemp seed oil.

The oil does not contain any flavoring, resulting in a strongly bitter, earthy flavor; but you can mix it into your favorite foods or beverages to make it more palatable. Choose between 300mg, 600mg, or 1000mg of CBD oil in a 2 ounce bottle.

CBD Capsules

For people who prefer to get their CBD on the go without having to think about it, CBD capsules are an excellent option. You don’t have to deal with the bitter flavor; and you can take the bottle with you, without worry of leaks or spills.

CBDPure’s softgels are quite a bit more expensive per mg of CBD than their oils, so you will be paying a premium for the convenience if you make your purchase from this company.

Because of this, anyone set on capsules may want to consider shopping around. Additionally, the only option available is for a bottle of 30, with a total of 750mg of CBD. This potency is perfect for someone who knows their tolerance, but they may be a bit strong for people who are new to CBD.

CBDPure Softgels ($89.99) –The CBD capsules made by CBDPure are made with the same full spectrum formula they use in their capsules, and the softgels are easy to swallow.

There are no ingredients listed anywhere on the website, in product descriptions or on photos—so we are not certain what the capsules are made from, or if there are any other additives. Fortunately, the dosing for each capsule appears to be accurate, and they are quite potent at 25mg each. 

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are known for their fast-acting, targeted relief. You can massage CBD creams, balms, and salves right into your problem areas, and experience soothing of the pain and inflammation in a matter of minutes. CBDPure guarantees that their CBD cream is the best on the market, and they claim just a pea-sized amount is enough to reduce muscle and joint pain in no time.

CBDPure Muscle and Joint Formula ($39.99) – Despite the fact that this cream contains only 250mg of CBD, it is pretty reasonably-priced as far as CBD topicals go.

This one is made with white willow bark to boost anti-inflammatory properties, and menthol for a cooling sensation on sore, tense muscles. Since there is no ingredients list for this product, we are not sure what else is in this cream.

Pet Products

We love our pets like family, so of course we want them to feel as good as we do. Fortunately, CBD is as safe and beneficial for your pets as it is for you. CBDPure makes CBD oil meant just for Fluffy and Fido, so you can share the goodness with them, too.

Their “pet” formula is the exact same recipe as the stuff made for humans, which is standard for most pet formulas. It is also fairly standard that these pet oils are more expensive, despite containing less CBD and being made with the same ingredients.

However, at $0.25 per mg, CBDPure’s CBD oil for pets is more than double what the 300mg CBD oil for humans costs. 

CBDPet ($24.99) – As far as we can tell, this formula is made with the same ingredients as the CBD oil made for humans, but is more than double the cost. It contains no flavoring and the hemp seed oil may be hard on your pet’s digestive system. We would recommend shopping around for a formula more tailored to your pet’s needs and preferences.

Lab Results

When we review a CBD company, we want to provide you with an accurate, unbiased analysis of its products. That’s why we always send out a sample of the oil we order to an independent, third party lab—so we have all the facts before we make any judgements about a company’s quality. As you can see from the results below, CBDPure’s full spectrum CBD oil is a fairly well-rounded formula.

We would like to see the presence of CBN, and the concentration of the other minor cannabinoids on our list could be a little more balanced. All in all, however, this formula should produce at least a minor entourage effect.

The amount of CBD was within ten percent of the amount labeled, which is an acceptable margin of error; and we always are a little more forgiving when CBD content is greater than labeled, rather than less. 

The Facts

Product tested: CBDPure Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 600mg

Price/mg of CBD: $0.09

Claimed CBD mg/package: 600mg

Actual total CBD mg/package: 660mg

Actual total THC mg/package: 42mg

Actual total CBN mg/package: None detected

Actual total CBC mg/package: 18mg

Actual total CBG mg/package: 12mg

Pesticide: Pass

Solvent: Pass

Website Experience

The CBDPure website is about as functional as it gets. Nothing fancy about it, the site has all of its product offerings—as well as a majority of the information you will find about the company—displayed right on the homepage with well-placed navigational buttons that take you where you need to go.

We would like for it to be easier to find third-party lab results, especially considering the company regularly updates them with every new batch.

Product descriptions are sparse, with no lists of ingredients, which makes it difficult to make decisions about purchases. Particularly with the cream, the capsules, and the pet CBD oil, customers like to confirm what is in these products.

Customer Service

In an impressive demonstration of speed, it only took CBDPure two hours to respond to our email. Their support is absolutely on the ball when it comes to response time.

The answers they provided for our questions were quite detailed, yet also very clear and easy to follow. We think that newcomers should definitely try reaching out to them if they ever need help understanding something, as they do an exemplary job explaining how CBD products work.

Final Verdict

CBDPure has created a good full spectrum CBD formula; and the company is honest about the amount labeled in each bottle (despite confusing dose instructions). Though it is missing the minor cannabinoid, CBN, the oil is still fairly robust and potent.

We cannot really say any more about the quality of the company’s products overall, because there are no lists of ingredients and product descriptions are inconsistent.

CBDPure claims that it uses all natural ingredients, and the company is confident enough in its products that it offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. An A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is just one more element that shows CBDPure cares about customer satisfaction.

Regarding the selection of products, we are disappointed that the company’s simple line leaves out THC-free options, and CBDPure makes no edibles.

We hope that these products find their way into the company’s offerings in the future. The prices are a bit high for capsules as well as the CBD oil formulated for pets; so you can probably find these elsewhere for less money.

However, CBDPure does carry very competitively-priced CBD oil formulated for humans and CBD cream. If you are looking for an affordable full spectrum CBD oil or a CBD topical with fast-acting relief, then CBDPure is definitely worth a try.

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