Why Are Lab Reports Important?

We believe that by providing third party lab reports to consumers, we ensure that the consumers are informed and have the proper knowledge to make educated purchasing decisions.

CBD is a fairly new industry and that many companies are very loose when it comes to quality control. We’ve discovered situations where a brand’s claimed potency was more than doubled what was claimed. This is bad for the entire industry. 

Let’s say that a customer purchases a 250mg CBD oil but in actuality the potency was 1000mg. Well, now this customer has a skewed perspective on CBD potency. When this same customer orders a 250mg CBD oil from another brand, they will assume that this new brand’s accurately claimed CBD oil is weak or doesn’t work because they are used to taking 1000mg potency thinking that it is a 250mg.

When a customer is knowledgable about the product that they are purchasing they are more likely to have a good experience which will (hopefully) convert them into a long time CBD consumer.

What’s Your Review Process?

Just like any other customer, we start off by making a purchase from the CBD brand. Once we make the order, we scrutinize every step of the process. We try to stick to the facts to provide you with a non-subjective review.

We take into consideratio a brand’s processing time, shipping time, pricing, transparency, customer service and quality of CBD based on the independent lab reports.

How Do You Make Money?

We place affiliate links on our website when possible. If you click on these links and decide to make a purchase, we may get a small commission. Our reviews and brand scoring are not influenced by these small commissions. We place affiliate links on both “good” and “bad” reviews. We do not discriminate when it comes to our monetization.

We do not sell your information or data. Please see our privacy policy for more information!

How Can We Trust That Your Reviews Are Unbiased?

Our core concept is based on transparency and being unbiased. We’re trying to build a long term business and we understand that our reader’s trust in our content and reviews is the epitome of our business.

That said, our reviews and scoring are fairly transparent in the sense that any group or individual can roughly reverse engineer our scoring rubric. From there, this group or individual can do their own research to confirm our biases (or lack-thereof).

The gist of what we’re trying to say is that it would be difficult for us to skew our data in order to increase a brand’s review and score. If we did this, we expose ourselves to potential scrutiny due to our relatively transparent method of scoring.

How Often Do You Update Your Reviews?

We understand that the CBD industry is a fast growing industry and companies are changing and pivoting all of the time. We try to regularly update our reviews. We will also take another look at a brand if requested by a user or the brand itself. In these situations, we will purchase another product from the brand and start the entire review process all over again.