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Last Updated: September 2020
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Feals is pretty new, so it may still be working out its problem areas. Even though Feals blatantly breaks FDA advertising regulations and buries information that may be important to your decision-making process, it may just be that the company doesn’t have a complete grasp on its strategy yet. And it is also reasonable that the company would not have caught the presence of pesticides in the oil it produces, since the trace amounts are so small. The company does, after all, make a very good full spectrum formula that checks off all of our boxes for a robust, potent entourage effect.

Overall Rating
CBD Quality88%
Customer Service100%

Feals is a relative newcomer to the CBD market, and there is not much to its branding. The founders noticed that some of the misconceptions surrounding hemp and CBD left consumers feeling a bit intimidated, so they wanted to make a product that feels friendly, inviting, and accessible.

They have managed to do that with their incredibly simple packaging, membership plan, and extensive Instagram presence.

The company even sells a “flight” allowing customers to sample their only product—a full spectrum CBD oil—in all three strengths, so they have an opportunity to really find out what works for them.

We absolutely love the fact that Feals has made it so easy to dip your toes in and give CBD a shot if you have some hesitations. And we can always appreciate it when a company focuses on just one format for its CBD, so it can perfect that product and make the best darn oils, gummies, topicals, etc. possible.

And Feals does make a pretty good full spectrum CBD oil. It has a moderately robust profile, and the THC content is impressively close to the legal cutoff without going over (this is one of the most common quality issues with full spectrum formulas—either not nearly enough THC or too much).

This product will certainly give you the entourage effect you have always wanted.

There are a couple of issues with this company, however, that we would be negligent not to bring up. We can forgive the lack of transparency with a newer company if they have a really great product.

But Feals is being dangerously negligent in their marketing efforts, clearly and blatantly violating FDA regulations against direct medical claims. The company has a whole page—testimonial videos and all—dedicated to marketing its product as a cure for pain, inflammation, anxiety, and sleeplessness. 

This is not our biggest cause for concern, though. A more serious issue is in the results that came back from the third party lab we used to test a sample of the oil from Feals.

The company states that they source their hemp from farms using natural and organic cultivation practices. However, the independent lab we used detected a small amount of residual from the pesticide chlorpyrifos. 

The amount that was detected was a very small amount, well within the acceptable range for agricultural products intended to be consumed by humans. Additionally, we noticed that the lab results shared on the website did not pick up the pesticide, likely because the testing was not as sensitive as ours.

Some may shrug this off as an honest mistake, but we think it is important for our readers to know that chlorpyrifos was found—even in the tiniest amount—because it is a pesticide that has been on and off of the FDA’s ban list.

It is currently not banned, but is under investigation as possibly damaging to children’s nervous systems. When a company is boasting natural and organic growing practices for its products, there should never be any traces of pesticide residuals, no matter how minute.

Quick Summary


  • Satisfactory cannabinoid profile for full spectrum CBD formula
  • Friendly, accessible branding
  • Strong social media presence
  • Free shipping
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Lack of transparency
  • Newer company
  • Pesticide residue found in sample

Background Information

Before Feals was founded, Drew Todd, Alex Iwanchuk, and Eric Scheibling all worked together in the ad tech industry. In 2018, they decided that they could use their experience in marketing to reach consumers out there who still had misconceptions keeping them from trying CBD.

They founded Feals to be a direct-to-consumer ecommerce business that was friendly and approachable enough to ease people off the fence about CBD and help them embrace the product just as much as the CBD enthusiast next door.

Feals states that it uses farms in Colorado and Oregon to source its hemp, and it requires all its suppliers to sign affidavits promising that they will only use natural and/or organic growing practices. The company uses a CO2 extraction method, and all of its facilities are Good Manufacturing Practices certified.

Feals uses an ISO certified third party lab to test all of its products, but the lab the company uses may not have sensitive enough measures to really give the full picture of a product’s purity and potency.

Shipping and Returns

Feals offers free shipping on all orders, with no minimum threshold. The company states that you will get your order in two to five business days. You can also reach out to them to arrange expedited shipping in the case that you do not want to wait that long for your CBD. 

We always order our CBD with the standard shipping option, so that we have what resembles the average customer experience as closely as possible. We ordered our CBD early in the week, and Feals sent our shipment out the following day. It took another five days after that. Not too shabby for free shipping.

Feals understands that you may be uncertain about trying CBD, and the company offers a full refund on your first order if you contact them within 30 days to let them know you are not satisfied.

After your first bottle, the company will only accept returns and offer refunds if you have not used your product or taken it out of the packaging. You have a full 60 days to make your return if this is the case.

Feals’ Products


Feals makes only one product, and that’s all the company really needs. Some may say the lack of variety may deter potential customers from ordering from Feals, but having only one product simplifies things and takes the pressure off for people who may be unfamiliar with CBD.

Visiting a cluttered website with more choices than necessary can intimidate newcomers, and it is really easy to just close out the window and give up.

Especially when there are thousands of CBD companies out there, selling multiple formulas, formats, and concentrations. It is overwhelming, and the creators of Feals have provided the solution.

Ordering from Feals is one of the easiest things to do on the internet. You have a total of four choices, and they are all simply variations of their flagship product: full spectrum CBD oil.

Their CBD oil is made with just CBD hemp extract and coconut (MCT) oil. It is unflavored, and the company recommends that you mix it with food or beverages if you do not like the bitter hemp flavor.

Feals CBD Oil ($74.95 – $244.95) – Packaged simply and plainly, this CBD oil is a very good full spectrum formula containing all the minor cannabinoids our list (CBN, CBC, and CBG) in addition to the perfect amount of THC and CBD. We don’t like that you have to look around to find the volume of the bottles, especially since they are half the size of a standard bottle of CBD.

These only come in a 15mL (½ ounce) size instead of a 30mL size, but that is only noted in the product details that you have to click on to expand. Feals offers their oils in three concentrations: 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg.

The Flight ($20) – Perfect for the CBD newbie, The Flight allows you to sample all three concentrations in one attractively packaged set. For $20, you get one dose of each, and they come in adorable tiny premeasured vials so you don’t have to think about anything but how each one makes you feel.

Lab Results

We want to give our readers the most unbiased and fact-based reviews possible, which is why we always send a sample off to a third party lab to confirm what is in your bottle. The lab we use has some of the most sensitive testing out there, so it can pick up things that other labs may miss.

We sampled Feals’ 600mg full spectrum CBD oil and shared the results below. As you can see, the amount of CBD is a little over, but it is within six percent of the labeled amount.

This oil has everything we could ask for in a full spectrum, hitting the mark on THC and CBC concentration, and rounded out with some CBN and CBG as well. 

The thing we are concerned about with this product is the chlorpyrifos residue found in our sample. Chlorpyrifos is a controversial pesticide that has been around since the 1960s, and on and off the FDA’s banned list since 2015.

It is currently banned for residential use, but it is allowed for larger agricultural purposes. However, it is still being investigated and may be taken back off the market in the future. 

The amount of residue found in our sample is absolutely minute. At 101 parts per billion, this is well within what is considered the acceptable range.

As a matter of fact, the company that Feals uses to test their products only detects chlorpyrifos at 100 parts per billion or more, so it is perfectly reasonable that they would not have picked this up.

However, we think it is important for the consumer to have all the facts, particularly when a company boasts that it uses hemp that is organically and naturally grown.

The Facts

What Was TestedThe Results
Product TestedFeals 600 MG CBD Oil
Price/mg of CBD$0.12
Claimed CBD mg/package600mg 
Actual total CBD mg/package637.5mg
Actual total THC mg/package18mg
Actual total CBN mg/package1.5mg
Actual total CBC mg/package16.5mg
Actual total CBG mg/package4.5mg
PesticidePass (chlorpyrifos 101ppb detected)

Website Experience

The Feals website is very pleasing to look at. We can see how it may be comforting for a CBD newbie to use, because there is no product choice or information overload like there is with other companies.

If, however, you are the kind of person who needs to know everything about your products and the company that makes them, you will likely find yourself frustrated with this website.

The lab results and hemp origins are buried in the FAQs, the product details are hidden in dropdown menus, and if you stay on one page for too long, it shifts to another page that requires you to click on one of three options—either one of the two products or the membership option.

While Feals will make you feel good about your choices if you are generally overwhelmed by CBD, it may not feel the same for anyone who is an experienced customer of the CBD market. 

Customer Service

We have to admit that Feals deserves some praise for their customer support team. We sent them an email about their products and they responded only a few hours later. 

Feals delivered solid answers to our questions, as well as a guide for further information. They also touched base with us a week later to make sure that we were satisfied with our experience.

Final Verdict

Feals is pretty new, so it may still be working out its problem areas. Even though Feals blatantly breaks FDA advertising regulations and buries information that may be important to your decision-making process, it may just be that the company doesn’t have a complete grasp on its strategy yet.

And it is also reasonable that the company would not have caught the presence of pesticides in the oil it produces, since the trace amounts are so small. The company does, after all, make a very good full spectrum formula that checks off all of our boxes for a robust, potent entourage effect.

However, when you choose to take CBD, it is generally because you care about your wellness, and details are important. For the price you pay for CBD oil from Feals, you can definitely find a CBD company that pays careful attention to every detail about your products and delivers a quality full spectrum formula every single time.

We have other companies on our list that only sell full spectrum CBD oil if you want a simplified shopping experience, and we recommend giving them a look before you make any purchases from Feals. 

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