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Last Updated: August 2020
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Green Garden Gold has managed to create a comprehensive catalog without making their list feel cluttered and superfluous; but we would like to see greater care taken in the company’s labeling and testing process, as well as support for the claims it makes regarding quality. Green Garden Gold’s products may be very attractively priced, but you can find CBD products from companies that are more consistent, transparent, and dependable, for a similar cost. We would suggest shopping around before you go with Green Garden Gold.

Overall Rating
CBD Quality89%
Customer Service0%

Green Garden Gold boasts a substantial line of products made with your health and fitness at every age in mind. The company claims it uses best-in-class farmers who monitor every detail for their certified organic hemp, but we could not confirm any sort of organic certification for the company or any of its products. 

The extensive list of CBD products Green Garden Gold makes includes several different types of customized oils, CBD topicals for sore muscles, gummies, pet products, and even CBD chewing gum.

Green Garden Gold has managed to create a comprehensive catalog without making their list feel cluttered and superfluous; but we would like to see greater care taken in the company’s labeling and testing process, as well as support for the claims it makes regarding quality.

We had a third party lab test our sample of Green Garden Gold’s PRIME™ broad spectrum CBD oil, and we found that the product had less than the labeled amount of CBD.

The total mg count was still within ten percent, which is totally forgivable, but the real issue that we have is the fact that the broad spectrum formula also contained THC. Broad spectrum products are supposed to be free of THC, and Green Garden Gold claims that this product is.

But our independent lab detected 21mg of CBD. This is a dealbreaker for anyone who is concerned about accurate labeling or exposure to unwanted substances, and raises red flags when considering whether you should buy products from them.

Quick Summary


  • Wide variety of products
  • Full and broad spectrum formulas
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • The strongest CBD concentration we have seen
  • Company has been around since 2013


  • Our third party lab found THC in the broad spectrum formula
  • Slow shipping time
  • Ambiguous and unsupported quality claims

Background Information

Green Garden Gold was founded by Australian native Justin Barrick in 2013. The company is based in Dallas, Texas, and its products are sold in local nutritional supplement shops.

Barrick has a history working in management, health, and fitness before starting his CBD company. We could not find any accreditations or certifications for this company, but Barrick proudly displays on his LinkedIn profile that he is a member of the North American PGA.

The Green Garden Gold website states on most pages that its hemp is sourced from certified organic farms in Colorado. We could not confirm any sort of certification for the company’s products. Additionally, if you do a search looking for the company’s hemp sourcing, a blog post that appears to be from the founder indicates that their hemp comes from Europe, and there are other sources that state this as well.

The company uses a CO2 extraction process and it shares third party lab results on its website. However, the results seem to be inconsistent and incomplete.

Shipping and Returns

Green Garden Gold’s shipping specifications are vague. The company offers free shipping on orders over $100; but it makes no promises about how long they will take to process your order or how long it will take to get to you once shipped. Postage for orders under $100 or for expedited shipping are calculated at checkout.

We put in our order on a Tuesday, hoping to avoid weekend delays. We went with the standard shipping option. Green Garden Gold sent our order out within two days, and it took another five days for our package to reach us in the mail.

Green Garden Gold offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, and states that you are entitled to a full refund minus shipping if you are not satisfied for any reason. The return instructions state that the product must be returned in its original packaging.

Green Garden Gold’s Products


Green Garden’s line of products has something for pretty much any CBD consumer, from beginner to pro, but our faith in the company’s claims about its products is uncertain.

The company makes both a full and broad spectrum CBD, and it also offers a line of terpene rich formulas with extra ingredients for targeted effects.

PRIME™ Advanced Care CBD Oil ($79.99 – $89.99) – On the surface this seems like a decent full spectrum formula. But there’s one glaring issue with that: Green Garden Gold claims that this is a broad spectrum formula containing no THC (the psychoactive part of cannabis that helps create the entourage effect in low quantities and gets you high in larger quantities). Our third-party lab results indicate otherwise.

So before you purchase, know the following: whether you get it with 750mg of CBD or 1500mg of CBD; whether you get it in original, blueberry, strawberry, mango, or lemonade, you’re getting a product that more closely resembles an mediocre full spectrum formula—not a broad spectrum product.

MED PAC™ CBD Oil ($84.99 – $149.99) – The full ingredients list of this product is simple: MCT oil, full spectrum CBD, and natural flavoring. Since this one is actually marketed as a full-spectrum product, we can only hope that it’s as good or better than PRIME™.

Choose from original, berry, orange, lemonade, and chocolate mint flavor. The concentrations are the same: 750mg or 150mg, but you can get the 1500mg formula in a larger bottle for a total of 6000mg. 

Real Terpene CBD Tinctures ($69.99) – These broad spectrum oils boast a “no THC” claim as well, but we don’t know how true that is. Assuming it is actually THC-free, select from CALM-U (indica terpenes), FOCUS (sativa terpenes), or STRESS LESS (hybrid terpenes). Carried in MCT oil, the concentration of 500mg of CBD per bottle is one-size-fits-all.

CBD Capsules

Green Garden Gold is dedicated to having a line of products that serves almost any need. That’s why there are so many different versions of their products. Their capsules leave something to be desired in terms of transparency, though.

There are no full ingredients lists, so we don’t know if any of these are vegan. Regardless, between regular capsules, sleepy capsules, and capsules for your achy bones, you’ll probably find something to fit what you’re looking for.

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules ($62.99 – $99.99) – These capsules are for anyone who wants the experience of full spectrum oil without the hassle and bitter flavor of traditional oils.

Seriously, it has omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids and is suspended in MCT oil. Every capsule has 30mg of CBD and comes in a bottle of either 30 or 60 softgels. 

HumanoFlow™ Night Repair Capsules ($89.99) – These broad spectrum capsules are here to essentially punch you in the face with CBD. At 100mg per capsule (that’s right, 100mg) of CBD, and packing 200mg of passionflower and 200mg of valerian root—herbs known to aid sleep— you’ll be catching Zs in no time. We’re suspicious of what a great deal this price is for a bottle of 30. 

Panidiol™ Joint Formula ($69.99) – This specially formulated broad spectrum product is supposedly to relieve joint pain. And the reviews indicate that it’s fantastic!

There are certainly extra ingredients, but Green Garden Gold doesn’t tell us what any of them are specifically for. Regardless, every capsule contains 15mg of CBD and an array of other natural ingredients for healthier, happier joints. These capsules are only available in a 60 count bottle.

CBD Gummies

For CBD connoisseurs who prefer their CBD in edible format, Green Garden Gold offers broad spectrum gummies. Just like capsules, gummies are great for those who don’t want to measure out their doses. Then again, it makes doses less customizable, so that call is all yours. 

CBD Yummy Gummies ($29.99) – These yummy bears each have 15mg of broad spectrum CBD and look adorable. Not to mention: they’re vegan! Unless you think too hard about the fact that they’re bears… hmm. In any case, each package contains 24 bears, for 360mg of CBD per package. 

CBD Topicals

Green Garden Gold has an extensive list of CBD products, and it doesn’t stop at things you put inside your body. Unfortunately, just like everything else, we could stand for a little more candor when it comes to what’s inside. 

HumanoFlow™ CBD Salve ($29.99 – $39.99) – This nourishing cream works as a lotion and soothes aches at the same time. Unlike CBD salves from other brands, which tend to be citrus-scented, Green Garden Gold’s salve is made with natural vanilla for a comforting—rather than invigorating—scent.

PolarX™ ($29.99 – $59.99) – This is not a specific product, but one of Green Garden Gold’s product lines. The PolarX line includes an analgesic gel, a CBD infused spray, and CBD patches (with Lidocaine). What’s in the gel? 150mg of CBD, menthol and “FDA Approved Active Ingredients”. The spray has exactly the same list.

The 2.5in x 3in patches come in a pack of 4, with 60mg of CBD each, and are made to stay on for up to 48 hours. The ingredients list for these is a little more transparent… we think: “Hemp Extracted CBD, Lidocaine HCL, Methacrylic Acid, Ethylhexylacrylate, Bentonite, Sodium Stearate.” 

Smoooth™ Facial Serum ($89.99) – A far superior product in terms of transparency. While we still don’t know what the inactive ingredients list looks like, the website lists several active ingredients and their purpose in Smoooth™, including Persea Gratissima (avocado) oil and Sesamum Indicum (sesame) oil. 

Pet Products

Our pets are family members that are there with us through all the good times and the bad. Of course we want to share all of our joys with our furry friends, and CBD is just as good for them as it is for us.

Because Green Garden Gold is not great about its labeling, we would suggest using extra caution giving any of its products to your pets, but we have included a list of what they carry.

Doggy Be Good™ Treats ($29.99 – $39.99) – These treats are a tasty way to get your furry friend their dose of CBD. Choose from soft (3.5oz package) or hard treats (12oz or 16oz jar), with each treat containing 2mg of CBD.

If you opt for soft treats, you have the option of a joint formula for your pal who may have pain/mobility issues. Green Garden Gold’s website does include a helpful chart to keep track of how much CBD you should give your pet.

Doggy/Kitty Be Good™ Oil ($29.99) – These are two different full spectrum oils, formulated the same way. The oil for cats actually has a slightly higher concentration of CBD (240mg) than for dogs (180mg) due to the serving/dosing size. (Though there is no guarantee that the stated concentration is accurate.)

Check out the website for dosing for your canine, but stick to ½ a dropper for your feline.

Lab Results

Our goal is always to provide you with the most dependable source on the internet for CBD company reviews. To do this, we need to gather all the facts, so we send out a sample of CBD oil from every company to a third party lab for unbiased results.

For Green Garden Gold, we tested their PRIME™ Advanced Care 750mg broad spectrum CBD oil and shared the results below.

As you can see, there are a few issues with this product. First of all, the amount of CBD actually in the bottle is almost at the cutoff for what we consider an acceptable discrepancy (10 percent).

While we could overlook that fact, Green Garden Gold seems to have other issues with its labeling as well. This product has been labeled as a broad spectrum CBD oil; and as such, it should contain absolutely no THC.

However, this oil contains a full 21mg of THC, which could be detrimental for someone who is subjected to regular drug screenings.

Finally, a robust broad spectrum formula contains all the minor cannabinoids on our list. This one is missing CBN altogether and has only a tiny amount of CBG. 

The Facts

What Was TestedThe Results
Product TestedGreen Garden Gold PRIME™ Advanced Care 750mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 
Price/mg of CBD$0.11
Claimed CBD mg/package750mg 
Actual total CBD mg/package678mg
Actual total THC mg/package21mg
Actual total CBN mg/packageNone detected
Actual total CBC mg/package18mg
Actual total CBG mg/package3mg

Website Experience

Green Garden Gold’s website is very organized for the variety of items it carries. Everything is partitioned into categories, and it is reasonably easy to find what you are looking for.

The search bar helps, too. It would be helpful if the products were also categorized by formula instead of their trademarked names, because it is impossible to tell what they are unless you are already a customer.

We would also like to see more comprehensive lab results posted, but it is nice that they are right on the same page as the product itself. The company has some issues with transparency that should be worked out by now, since Green Garden Gold has been around since 2013.

The website should offer more background information, more consistent messaging, more support for its claims, and more information about CBD in general.

Customer Service

Even though we filled out the contact form on the Green Garden Gold website, they never responded back.

We’re not sure if this is due to a lack of action on their part, or if it was caused by the fiddly CAPTCHA system they use to validate their forms. Either way, there’s a problem here that needs to be fixed.

Final Verdict

Green Garden Gold makes products that range from average to good quality, but the inaccurate labeling and lack of transparency are enough to turn us off to this company.

It would be one thing if the only issue was a slight discrepancy between the amount of CBD on the label and the amount actually in the bottle. We could even overlook the fact that the cannabinoid profile is mediocre at best, for a broad spectrum.

Many companies struggle to get their broad spectrum formula just right, and there are only a couple of companies on our list that have. The real offense that we cannot dismiss, is the presence of THC in a product that the company claims to be free of THC.

Additionally, the company makes unsubstantiated claims about the quality of its products, including stating that the hemp it uses is certified organic and that its oils are organic.

Finally, the fact that Green Garden Gold indicates in most places on its website that its hemp is sourced in Colorado, but also that it is sourced in Europe, gives us too many reasons to question the legitimacy of the company’s statements.

Green Garden Gold’s products may be very attractively priced, but you can find CBD products from companies that are more consistent, transparent, and dependable, for a similar cost. We would suggest shopping around before you go with Green Garden Gold.

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