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Last Updated: July 2020
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Lazarus Naturals is one of the better CBD companies on the market. Its growth has been a little slower than other popular brands, likely because it is employee-owned and has not had the benefit of large investments to boost its production or advertising capabilities. The company is one of our top-rated companies in transparency and price.

Overall Rating
CBD Quality100%
Customer Service60%

Lazarus Naturals is an employee-owned CBD company that clearly cares about its customers. The company was founded on the principle that CBD should be accessible and affordable to everyone who needs it, and it supports that principle with substantial discounts for veterans, people with long-term disabilities and those who live in low-income households.

The company mostly grows the hemp used in its products on its own farms in Oregon, of which some are certified as organic.

Lazarus Naturals is currently implementing a plan to make its entire hemp source organic by 2022; and it manufactures and tests all of its products in-house before sending them to a third-party lab for final certification. 

A member of several state and national organizations—including the American Herbal Products Association, the Oregon Farm Bureau, the Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Association and the US Hemp Roundtable—Lazarus Naturals is becoming a visible company in the industry, and its popularity is growing.

The company offers high-quality CBD tinctures in both full spectrum and isolate formulas, products for pets, balms, lotions and capsules, as well as a couple of unique products including RSO CBD oil and CBD infused coconut oil for cooking.

Lazarus Naturals is an exceptional company with a focus on creating the best products possible while increasing accessibility and transparency every step of the way

Quick Summary


  • Hemp used in products is mostly organically-grown
  • Discount program for veterans, people with long-term disabilities and those living in low-income households
  • Products come in varying sizes, so you can just give something a try if you are unsure, or order a larger supply if you know what you need
  • Seed-to-sale products means easier and better transparency
  • Choose from products made with full spectrum CBD for the entourage effect, or CBD isolate for a THC-free dose of cannabidiol
  • 90-day return policy—one of the longest in the industry


  • Not very many concentration options means less flexibility with CBD dosing
  • Lack of edibles like CBD gummies makes taking your CBD more like taking your medicine

Background Information

Sequoia Price-Lazarus founded Lazarus Naturals in 2015, wishing to make CBD products affordable and accessible to everyone regardless of their financial circumstances.

The company is entirely employee-owned, meaning that there are no investors controlling its direction and ethics. Lazarus Naturals is a member of several national and state agricultural and hemp organizations, and the company’s products have been recognized by critics and reviewers everywhere.

Consumer education website named Lazarus Naturals CBD Brand of the Year for 2019, the company’s Blood Orange High Potency tincture has been named number one by CBD Hacker, and Ministry of Hemp put Lazarus Naturals Standard Potency CBD tincture on its list of top brands in the industry.

Lazarus Naturals sources about 70 percent of the hemp used in its products from its own farms, of which some are certified as organic. The company plans to have all of its hemp sourced from organic farms by 2022.

It uses an ethanol extraction process, which is less expensive than other methods, and it is very careful to ensure no residue is left behind in the finished products.

The company maintains tight quality-control on its products by keeping most of the processing and manufacturing in-house; and it sends every batch out to be tested by an independent lab to verify accuracy, safety and purity.

Shipping and Returns

Lazarus Naturals offers free shipping on all orders, and it processes everything that comes in by noon PST on the same day.

Everything is shipped USPS First Class Mail, but you can select faster shipping for an additional fee through UPS services including 2-Day Air, Next Day Air Saver and Next Day Air. Those prices are determined at checkout and are based on your location in relation to the company’s warehouse in Portland, Oregon.

Lazarus Naturals also delivers internationally to the following list of countries (fees determined at checkout): Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guam, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Latvia, Lesotho, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Northern Mariana Islands, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Zimbabwe.

Lazarus Naturals is prompt in their order processing, and they get their packages out the door quickly. Our order was processed and in the mail the day after we ordered;. Within three days after that, it was in our mailbox. 

A 90-day return policy on all items is one of the most generous in the industry. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your product, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund minus shipping costs.

If you contact the company for a refund after 90 days, you may still be eligible for a partial refund at the discretion of customer service. Most refunds will be processed within 30 days.

The company does remind customers that efficacy for these products will vary by person, and some may need higher or lower doses than others, or a completely different formula altogether.

Lazarus Naturals’ Products


Lazarus Naturals’ CBD oils are made with hemp grown on the company’s all-natural Oregon farms. The company makes its oil in-house; and it suggests that while some customers may be looking for the entourage effect that comes with full spectrum CBD, others may want a milder flavor and are concerned with getting pure CBD.

Lazarus Naturals has customers covered either way, with oils made with full spectrum CBD or CBD isolate. Whichever formula you choose, the CBD is suspended in fractionated coconut oil for better absorption. Flavored versions use natural flavorings and extracts.

Standard Potency ($12.00 – $70.00) – Lazarus Naturals standard potency CBD tincture only comes in the full spectrum formula. It is unflavored, which makes it perfect to add to your food and beverages for a dose of CBD you won’t even taste.

This version contains 20mg of CBD per dose, and bottle sizes come in .5 ounce, 2 ounce and 4 ounce sizes. 

High Potency ($24.00 – $120.00) – The high potency formula seems to be a favorite with the company, and you can find either full spectrum or CBD isolate versions on the website.

Both contain 50mg per dose of CBD, in .5 ounce, 2 ounce and 4 ounce sizes. The tincture made with CBD isolate is available with blood orange extract or mint terpenes added for flavor, or you can choose a flavorless option.

The option made with full spectrum CBD is available with mint and chocolate extracts, or vanilla and coffee extracts for flavoring, but there is a flavorless option available for the full spectrum formula as well. 

CBD Capsules

When you want the entourage effect benefits of full spectrum CBD, but you don’t want to deal with the bitter flavor of CBD oil—or when you want to have a way to get your dose of CBD when you are on-the-go—CBD capsules are the way to go. Lazarus Naturals offers a simple selection of CBD capsules and softgels that make it easy to get the dose you need, no matter where you are.

They are made with CBD oil extracted in-house from hemp grown on the company’s farms, and they are combined with the same fractionated coconut oil found in other Lazarus Naturals products, in order to ensure an accurate dose in every capsule.

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules ($6.00 – $200.00) – These capsules are vegan, and they are made with non-GMO, gluten free ingredients. If you just want to give the capsules a try, you can order any available concentration in a 10-count bottle.

However, if you know exactly what you are looking for, all concentrations also come in a 40 or 200-count bottle. Lazarus Naturals full spectrum CBD capsules are available in 10mg, 25mg or 50mg concentrations, so you always have control over how much CBD you are getting.

Cycling Frog Softgels ($16.00 – $50.00) – Cycling Frog Softgels provide the highest concentration per serving out of all the products Lazarus Naturals carries.

At 100mg per capsule, they pack a heavy dose of full spectrum CBD, they are easy to swallow and gluten free. The softgels are not vegan. You can find them in 4 and 20-count bottles. 

THC-Free CBD Isolate Capsules ($10.00 – $32.00) – Lazarus Naturals has formulated two different versions of their CBD isolate capsules to help you feel your best, whether you are trying to get to sleep, or you need more energy throughout the day.

Its nighttime formula has added chamomile, ashwagandha extract, and L-Tryptophan, to help you relax into a peaceful night’s sleep; the daytime energy blend contains added caffeine and vitamin B-12 for that boost you need to make it to the end of your day with some energy to spare.

Both the nighttime and daytime capsules contain 25mg of CBD isolate, and you can order 10 or 40 at a time.

CBD Topicals

Lazarus Naturals topicals are all made with full spectrum CBD, but you don’t have to worry about the bitter flavor since you (hopefully) are not ingesting them.

Every topical the company makes, including balms, lotions and massage oil, comes with 50mg of CBD per measured “dose,” and the lotions and balms come in luxurious scents like Portland Rose and Pacific Pine, or unscented for those who are more sensitive to essential oils.

CBD Lotion ($12.00 – $70.00) – This moisturizing lotion is on the thick side, but it is never greasy and absorbs well.

All scents come in 1 ounce, 3.3 ounce or 6.7 ounce tubes, and you can choose between Portland Rose, Pacific Pines or unscented options. If you just can’t decide, choose all three in a sampler pack for $30.00.

CBD Balm ($11.25 – $42.00) – Thick, rich, and non-greasy, Lazarus Naturals balm is a favorite product among its customers. It is made in-house, with ingredients like mango butter and beeswax to help soothe sore muscles and heal irritated skin.

The balms are all lightly scented with essential oils and natural terpenes, and can be found in varieties like lavender, cedar-citrus, mint, rose and unscented. A sampler pack is available if you are unsure of your favorite, with all scents coming in a .5 ounce tin for $65.00. Full-size tins are 2 ounces. 

CBD Massage Oil ($12.00 – $70.00) – Made with organic jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil, and of course 50mg of full spectrum CBD oil per tablespoon, Lazarus Naturals massage oil is made to soothe and relieve. A little bit of this unscented oil goes a long way, and you can find it in 2 ounce, 8 ounce, and 16 ounce bottles. 

Pet Products

Lazarus Naturals makes a lower dose CBD oil for pets, but at 20mg per 1mL, the concentration is slightly higher than with their standard potency CBD oil for humans.

Lazarus Naturals has a chart on the product page with recommended doses based on your pet’s weight, and the company claims their CBD tincture is good for all pets, including smaller ones like cats and rabbits. Both formulas come in sizes of .5 ounces, 2 ounces and 4 ounces, so you have what you need whether you are just giving it a try or you and your pet are pros.

Sensitive Pet CBD Oil Tincture ($12.00 – $60.00) – The sensitive pet formula is simply fractionated coconut oil blended with Lazarus Naturals’ CBD isolate oil. Some pets enjoy the mild flavor of the oil, or you can add it to their food or water for pets who are a little pickier in their taste.

Calming CBD Oil Pet Tincture ($12.00 – $60.00) – Lazarus Naturals’ calming tincture is the company’s full spectrum formula, blended with fractionated coconut oil. With this version, your pet gets the full entourage effect. Note that this tincture will have a stronger flavor, so you may need to cover it up with a special treat or mix it into your furry friend’s food.

Lab Results

We like to make sure you find the most accurate reviews possible with us, so we go the extra mile by sending off a sample of the CBD oil we order from each company to an independent lab.

This way, you know for certain whether you’re getting what is advertised on the label. Lazarus Naturals has very recently changed its full spectrum formula standard concentration to 300mg in a 15mL bottle.

Our sample is from its previous concentration of 225mg in a 15mL bottle, but we are confident that the company has not changed its commitment to accurate labeling and quality products. As you can see, the oil actually had a little more CBD than originally advertised.

Because this is a full spectrum CBD formula, we expect to see a potent concentration of minor cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, and CBC, and the Lazarus Natruals CBD oil does not disappoint. This is among the best full spectrum products on the market.

The Facts

What Was TestedThe Results
Product TestedLazarus Naturals 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
Price/mg of CBD$0.04
Claimed CBD mg/package225mg 
Actual total CBD mg/package237mg
Actual total THC mg/package6mg
Actual total CBN mg/packageNone detected
Actual total CBC mg/package13.5mg
Actual total CBG mg/package4.5mg

Website Experience

The Lazarus Naturals website does not contain a lot of frills or extras like quizzes or calculators to help you find the right products for you. It is, however, no-nonsense and straightforward in its presentation. Product categories are clearly delineated and easy to find, and each product is clearly labeled.

The website includes a blog with educational material, however, the company is careful to follow FDA guidelines on what it can and cannot claim. Therefore, anyone who is looking for information on health benefits of CBD is encouraged to research elsewhere.

Customer Service

Lazarus Naturals took a little over a day and a half to respond to our email. That is pretty average for a larger CBD company, if a tad bit slow. Their reply gave us plenty of in-depth detail about their various products, with links to information resources and their product pages.

They also offered us a 10% off discount code (10portland) to share with anybody interested in trying their products.

Final Verdict

Lazarus Naturals is one of the better CBD companies on the market. Its growth has been a little slower than other popular brands, likely because it is employee-owned and has not had the benefit of large investments to boost its production or advertising capabilities.

However, this also gives Lazarus Naturals more control over its direction and its methods. It has been getting more recognition as a major player on the market as of late, and publishers and critics alike are giving this brand a great deal of praise.

The company was founded on the principle of making reputable CBD products affordable and accessible to everyone who needs them, and they follow through with discounts to people in populations that have the greatest need.

Lazarus Naturals is a growing company with a bright future ahead, and it is improving the lives of its customers on a daily basis. As the company grows, it is finding ways to improve its line of products, and we like the direction Lazarus Naturals is going.

The company is one of our top-rated companies in transparency and price. The full spectrum formula contains a powerful concentration of minor cannabinoids, and the quality of this company’s products is exceptional.

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