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Last Updated: August 2020
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In all, Onyx + Rose carries slightly above average CBD at better than average prices, and we love the 90 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are looking for a CBD company that is also a community in the process of being built for your busy lifestyle, Onyx + Rose is a good place to start.

Overall Rating
CBD Quality88%
Customer Service80%

Onyx + Rose is a true wellness and lifestyle CBD brand. The company sells its broad and full spectrum CBD oils, topicals, capsules, bath bombs, and pet oil through its website; but it has a major social media following as well, with over 77 thousand followers and counting.

The company strives to be an important part of its customers’ lives, and it has designed its products to support wellness in every activity.

Onyx + Rose wants to be in the bag, on the desk, and on the nightstand of every Millennial woman in the market for CBD, and it has driven its branding in that direction with no turning back.

The company even recently overhauled its packaging, making it pretty enough to keep on display, so it becomes an enjoyable part of your daily ritual.

The company’s level of transparency is a bit concerning. It is nearly impossible to find information about precisely where the hemp the company uses to make its products comes from despite claims of 100% organic growing practices on domestic farms.

Additionally, there is very little background information about the company and ingredients lists are not available on every product page.

Finally, when you click on the button to see lab results on a product page, it takes you to another page where you have to enter a lot number. In other words, you do not have access to lab results until you have a product in hand.

There are two redeeming factors about this company, however, that put our minds at ease.

First, the sample that we had tested for ourselves by a third party lab was pure with no pesticide or solvent residue; and though the formula was not the most ideal for the advertised broad spectrum, it actually had a great deal more CBD than labeled.

Yes, we prefer accurately labeled products, but who doesn’t appreciate some bonus CBD now and then? The other sigh of relief from this company is that it offers a full 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

Onyx + Rose wants you to love everything about its products. If you don’t, you have three months to say so, and they will provide you with a full refund within 48 to 72 hours of resolution through customer service. 

With so much time to give your products from Onyx + Rose a try, lightning fast shipping, pretty display-worthy packaging, and above average CBD quality, Onyx + Rose may quickly become one of your favorite CBD companies.

Quick Summary


  • Pretty packaging worthy of putting on display
  • Full and broad spectrum formulas available
  • 90 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Fast shipping
  • Strong social media presence building community around CBD


  • Broad spectrum formula was not particularly robust
  • Lab results are not readily accessible on website

Background Information

Fitness influencer Katy Hearn finds areas of her own life that need improvement and makes a business out of them. She has a gym and a major fitness following for her at-home program, as well as her own line of supplements, gear, and a meal plan. CBD just made sense as the next step.

We could not find information about when Onyx + Rose was founded, but the company is based in Louisville, Kentucky where Hearn lives. Philadelphia Weekly has called Onyx + Rose CBD’s most stylish brand, and the company is on the best CBD brands list of publications like VentureBeat, Maxim, and even Men’s Health.

There is no specific information to be found about the source of Onyx + Rose’s hemp sourcing. Only that the hemp is grown in the United States using organic practices.

The company uses a CO2 extraction method, keeping solvents out of the process, and they use a third party lab to confirm purity and potency before sending their products out to their customers.

Unfortunately, they do not actually supply those lab results online without the lot number found on the product you have already purchased.

Shipping and Returns

Onyx + Rose does not currently ship internationally, but it does ship to all 50 US states. The company uses standard USPS delivery, charges are calculated at checkout, and they state that you should expect your order to arrive within three to five business days. 

We ordered our CBD from Onyx + Rose on a weekday, and the company sent our package out in the mail the very next day. Two days after that, it was in our mailbox. 

One thing we really like about this company is its confidence in its products. Onyx + Rose gives customers a full 90 days to decide how they feel about anything they order. If you try something from Onyx + Rose and decide within that 90 day window that you are not satisfied, then you can return it for a full refund. The company promises a quick resolution as well. 

Onyx + Rose’s Products


Onyx + Rose carries all their CBD oils in a two ounce size. This is double what the standard size is, so it may be kind of confusing if you have done much shopping around for your CBD.

Keep in mind that the concentration for a 1000mg, two ounce bottle of CBD is half that of a 1000mg, one ounce bottle of CBD. It still has the same amount of CBD, but you have to take twice as much to get an equivalent dose from a 2 ounce bottle.

Though the company boasts a robust broad spectrum formula with all the minor cannabinoids, and a full spectrum formula with all that plus THC, our sample of Onyx + Rose’s broad spectrum CBD oil only contained CBD and CBG. The amount of CBG did make the formula moderately potent, but don’t count on all the minor actives advertised being present. 

Available in pretty bottles with fun flavors, you can find both full and broad spectrum CBD oils in 1000mg and 2000mg concentrations; and they are always simply made with just CBD suspended in MCT oil, and essential oils and stevia for flavoring. 

Pure Bloom Broad Spectrum CBD ($99 – $169) – The aesthetics of these oils are enough to make you want to buy the whole collection of CBD oils from Onyx + Rose. The THC-free formulas come in mint and orange flavors, but the more potent 2000mg concentration only comes in mint.

Full Bloom Full Spectrum CBD ($109 – $179) – Full spectrum formulas generally have a little bit of THC in them, and that is the main difference between full and broad. Don’t worry, though, they do not contain more than the Federally legal limit of 0.3 percent.

Onyx + Rose’s full spectrum formulas come in flavors like watermelon heat and mint. The 2000mg concentration is only available in mint.

CBD Capsules

No matter how pretty the packaging is for Onyx + Rose’s CBD oils, it can’t completely take away the bitter flavor inherent in full and broad spectrum hemp products. Some people enjoy the earthy taste and appreciate the ritual of taking their CBD every day. It can be meditative and relaxing.

For others, it may be overwhelming to have to think about getting your dosing right, or you may not like the way CBD oil tastes. For you, Onyx + Rose has created gelcaps that are precisely measured and easy to swallow (though we can’t say how precisely they are measured, considering our sample of oil contained 22 percent more CBD than labeled).

Regardless, you don’t even have to think about these capsules, you can just toss them in your bag and go—and if you don’t have a bag, you can use the free tote from Onyx + Rose that comes with every order over $50 while supplies last.

Bright Side Broad Spectrum Capsules ($74) – These capsules are made with the same formula as the CBD oil, and the ingredients are the same as well, minus the stevia and flavoring.

Instead, the oil is enveloped in a gelatin capsule for your convenience. These capsules are supposed to contain 25mg of CBD each, and they come in a jar of 30.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals can help brighten your skin and smooth away wrinkles, and they can help your sore muscles feel better after a tough workout or just a long day.

With Onyx + Rose being a lifestyle brand developed by a fitness influencer, we would have imagined that the company would feature more topicals to support better skin heath and post-workout recovery. However, the company only carries one topical product for now. 

Bliss Balm ($59) – Made with 500mg of broad spectrum CBD, this simple balm is rich and creamy, for a soothing experience no matter when you use it. Onyx + Rose starts with a base of beeswax and MCT oil, and it is infused with peppermint and lavender for a relaxing aroma.

Pet Products

Are you the type of person who orders your pooch a burger, too, when you go through the drive through? Do you dress your kitty up for the holidays and hang stockings for Christmas? If so, you probably wish you could share the benefits of CBD with your fur-babies.

And now, you can! Onyx + Rose worked with veterinarians to formulate a treat for your pup, and they carry a lower-dose oil as well. 

Slow Your Wag Broad Spectrum CBD Dog Treats ($29) – Your dog will love these treats made just for the canine palate. These soft chews are made with natural bacon and beef flavors, and 2mg of CBD per treat. Available in a jar of 30.

Paws a Moment ($44) – This broad spectrum CBD oil is made just like the stuff for humans, except it is bacon-flavored and also contains hemp seed oil in addition to the CBD and MCT oil. Contains 250mg of CBD per two ounce bottle.

Lab Results

When we review a CBD company, we want to make sure we have all the facts you need in order to make an informed decision.

That’s why we always send a sample of CBD oil off to a third party lab, so we can get a clear picture of what’s in your bottle of CBD. We had Onyx + Rose’s Pure Bloom 1000mg broad spectrum CBD oil tested, and we have shared the results below.

As you can see, the amount of CBD was around 22 percent higher than what was labeled. We do appreciate some bonus CBD, but such a large discrepancy makes accurate dosing a challenge.

Additionally, though the company boasts a robust broad spectrum formula containing all the minor cannabinoids on our list, the only one present was CBG. There was a fair amount of it, however, so this is a reasonably potent formula, it just would not produce the full entourage effect you may be looking for.

The Facts

What Was TestedThe Results
Product TestedOnyx + Rose Pure Bloom 1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil
Price/mg of CBD$0.09
Claimed CBD mg/package1000mg
Actual total CBD mg/package1284mg
Actual total THC mg/packageNone detected
Actual total CBN mg/packageNone detected
Actual total CBC mg/packageNone detected
Actual total CBG mg/package36mg

Website Experience

The Onyx + Rose website has the pleasing aesthetic you would expect from this company. With a high Instagram presence, it really knows how to create a website that is easy and pleasant to use.

Because the company has a small product line, it is easy to find what you are looking for despite the lack of a search bar. However, we would like to see more substance out of this site. The website contains very little information about the background of the company or the origin of the products.

Additionally, you can only access lab results if you have a lot number from a purchased product in hand, so you can’t see them without having made a purchase. Regardless of the lack of information, Onyx + Rose does market itself rather effectively toward younger Millennials, focusing on the self-care aspects of using CBD. 

Customer Service

We sent an email to the Onyx + Rose customer support team, and it took them about two days to reply. Despite the short wait, their response was very pleasant and welcoming.

Their representative addressed our questions with detailed answers and a link to their “Learn” page for more information. They also made sure to point out their 90 day satisfaction guarantee as reassurance that they are fully dedicated to helping customers, whether or not they’re satisfied with their products.

Final Verdict

Onyx + Rose has created the most Insta-worthy brand we have seen. Their pretty packaging and bottles are attractive enough to display on your desk or nightstand, and their products are geared toward a Millennial crowd that focuses on self care.

Much like any company that does the majority of its marketing on Instagram, there are some transparency issues with Onyx + Rose that we hope will be cleared up as the company grows and develops its website.

The primary issue being lab result availability. Additionally, while more CBD than labeled is better than less CBD, accurate labeling is our preference.

The company needs to work on making sure that the amount of CBD in the bottle is represented on the label without such a wide margin of error. While we would like to see a more robust broad spectrum formula, it is sufficiently potent with the amount of CBG it contains.

In all, Onyx + Rose carries slightly above average CBD at better than average prices, and we love the 90 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are looking for a CBD company that is also a community in the process of being built for your busy lifestyle, Onyx + Rose is a good place to start. 

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