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Last Updated: August 2020
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Penguin receives their top ranking for the unquestionably high quality of their products. Their broad-spectrum extract has one of the most robust cannabinoid profiles we've seen yet, making it onto our list as the #1 best quality CBD on the market.

Overall Rating
CBD Quality100%
Customer Service100%

Penguin CBD wants you to be chill, calm, and collected, just like its mascot. The company has made its mission to deliver products that are easy to understand, transparent, and support the kind of lifestyle that puts a smile on your face every day. 

Penguin makes a variety of CBD offerings, including the usual base product line with a high-quality oil, gummies, capsules and a topical formula. The cheerful packaging will make you feel better before you even get your dose of CBD, which is made with hemp sourced from Oregon farms using organic growing practices.

What’s inside the package is simple, premium, broad spectrum or isolate CBD (for their gummies), made to meet your needs, helping you keep calm and waddle on.

Penguin’s CBD products are free of THC, and the company uses third-party testing from independent labs to ensure that everything it produces is labeled accurately, and that it is found to be free of toxins, microbial contaminants, and heavy metals. Safety and satisfaction are top priority for Penguin CBD. 

Founded in 2019, Penguin is fairly new to the industry, but the company has grown to be one of the biggest brands this year. It has assembled a team of agricultural, educational, and chemistry experts to advise and develop its products based on science and customer goals.

Penguin receives their top ranking for the unquestionably high quality of their products. Their broad-spectrum extract has one of the most robust cannabinoid profiles we’ve seen yet, making it onto our list as the #1 best quality CBD on the market.

Along with their surprisingly affordable prices and the hassle-free experience of ordering through their website, these factors combine to make one of the best offerings on the market.

Quick Summary


  • Penguin CBD’s products are affordable and accessible, which is something that helps the company stand out from the other brands on the market today.
  • A comprehensive line of products including most major formats (oils, capsules, gummies and creams), with a simple list of ingredients that make each product straightforward.
  • Products are made with hemp grown in Oregon, without the use of pesticides and chemicals.
  • Broad spectrum CBD and CBD isolate products are both available, making selection flexible enough to meet most customer needs.
  • All products are free of THC, meaning that they are legal in all 50 states.


  • Penguin’s product line-up is somewhat modest when compared to some other brands. For instance, there currently aren’t any vape or pet products.
  • Currently only ships to the United States, Canada, and the UK.

Background Information

Founded in 2019 by Georgia native and serial entrepreneur Deep Patel, Penguin has quickly made a name for itself in the CBD market. He believes that the key to Penguin’s success is the transparency of its products, and the accessibility and affordability it provides.

Penguin has been recognized as one of the top brands on the market right now, by reputable publications like Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast and Maxim, as well as the popular cannabis website, Merry Jane.

One reason for all the excitement over Penguin’s products is the quality of the ingredients the company starts with. It sources its hemp from farms in Oregon that use organic growing methods, to ensure that your CBD is extracted from a clean plant that has not been exposed to chemicals.

Penguin’s no-fuss CO2 extraction method guarantees that you get nothing but pure CBD, with no additives or solvents required to create its great broad spectrum CBD or CBD isolate formulas.

The company also invests in third-party testing to verify that every last bottle of CBD oil, every gummy and every capsule, contains the ingredients that the package indicates. Whatever you end up buying on Penguin CBD’s website, you know that everything has been made with a foundation of quality and care.

Shipping and Returns

When you need your CBD in a hurry, the shipping policies of a company can make or break your decision about which online store to order from. Penguin CBD offers free shipping on all orders in the United States, and the website claims that most customers receive their order within 3 – 5 business days. 

Some locations within the United States qualify for expedited shipping, and the standard shipping charges apply for upgrades. The company also sends orders to Canada and the UK for an additional cost.

When it comes to its promises about shipping, Penguin really delivers. The day after we ordered our CBD oil from this company, it was boxed up and sent out. We were delighted that it arrived in our mailbox two days later, for a total processing and shipping time of three days.

Penguin CBD wants you to be completely satisfied with your order, and the company gives you 30 days to try out your products.The company simply asks that you return the unused portion of your product to the warehouse; and it provides the contact information so that you can get in touch with customer service and arrange for a shipping label and refund. 

Penguin CBD’s Products


Penguin CBD’s oil is simple. Many companies add other ingredients to increase the appeal of their oils, or to enhance some of the product’s effects; but Penguin delivers pure, broad spectrum formula CBD oil, with an MCT carrier oil and all the natural terpenes present.

MCT oil helps to break CBD into smaller molecules, which aids in absorption and efficiency of the product. 

Penguin displays the third-party lab results on its product page; and it boasts that each bottle is prepared to order, so that your CBD is always delivered fresh to your door for the longest shelf life possible. Penguin states that the standard shelf-life of its CBD oil is about 12 months.

CBD Oil ($45.00 – $105.00) – Penguin CBD’s oil comes in three different strengths to suit your needs whether you are just trying CBD for the first time, or you know you need a higher dose.

You can choose between a 250mg tincture, a 600mg tincture or a 1000mg tincture, with each dropperful (or dose) containing 8mg, 20mg, or 33mg of CBD respectively. The natural flavor of Penguin’s CBD oil is mild and excellent to take straight,  but adding it to food or beverages is another popular way to get your daily dose. 

You don’t have to feel like you are taking your medicine every time you take a dropper, when there are four other delicious flavors to choose from. Penguin’s CBD oils also come in mint, citrus, strawberry and cookies and cream. All are naturally flavored, except cookies and cream also contains some artificial flavoring as well.

CBD Capsules

While some people love the flavor and quick action of CBD oils, others don’t like to deal with the mess or imprecise measurements. That’s why Penguin makes CBD capsules to add a level of convenience to your day. You can travel with these CBD capsules, take them with you when you go to the office or gym, or simply use them as a quick, easy way to start your day.

The capsules are made with the same pure broad spectrum CBD formula that Penguin’s oils are made with, and the easy-to-swallow casing is made from a simple gelatin and glycerin blend.

CBD Capsules ($45.00 for 30) – Penguin makes its capsules in one 10mg strength, which makes it easy to control exactly how much CBD you are getting in every dose. These are less expensive per mg than the lower dose of CBD oil, and they are perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle, travel or rushed mornings.

CBD Gummies

Who said taking something that’s good for you has to be boring? With Penguin CBD’s sweet and sour CBD gummies, you are getting the powerful benefits of Penguin’s CBD isolate, along with a delicious flavor certain to make you pucker.

These gummies have a genuine sour gummy taste and texture, and their bright, cheerful colors will put a smile on your face.

CBD Gummies ($45.00 for 30) – Penguin’s CBD gummies come in a general fruit flavor, coated in a sweet and sour sugar, along with the company’s CBD isolate formula.

Each CBD gummy contains 10mg of CBD, and they are a perfectly discreet snack for any time day or night. At $45.00 for 30 gummies, they are the right price, too.

CBD Topicals

Some CBD companies carry topicals that have intense cooling or warming effects, meant to provide deep muscular healing and inflammation reduction.

Penguin’s CBD cream is simply a lovely rejuvenating cream for your complexion, made with shea butter, cocoa butter, and other ingredients in its base, then infused with lavender and peppermint essential oils for a relaxing, soothing experience that feels like a visit to the spa.

Meant to moisturize and smooth, the cream does its job with rave reviews from Penguin customers who love using it every day.

CBD Cream ($55.00) – This CBD cream made by Penguin contains 250mg of broad spectrum CBD, and is perfect to help protect your skin from the elements. The jar seems a bit pricey considering the amount of CBD and the fact that this is a simple topical with no additional benefits.

Lab Results

We sent a sample of Penguin CBD’s 600mg broad spectrum CBD oil off to our independent third-party lab to confirm accurate labeling, because we want our readers to be fully informed about the products we review.

You can see for yourself that Penguin’s CBD content is actually higher than the amount on the label (who doesn’t love getting bonus CBD?). Additionally, the cannabinoid profile is one of the best broad spectrum formulas on the market—with all the minor actives that contribute to a spectacular entourage effect. 

The Facts

What Was TestedThe Results
Product TestedPenguin CBD 600mg broad spectrum CBD oil
Price/mg of CBD$0.13
Claimed CBD mg/package600mg 
Actual total CBD mg/package666mg
Actual total THC mg/packageNone detected
Actual total CBN mg/package18mg
Actual total CBC mg/package21mg
Actual total CBG mg/package21mg

Website Experience

The Penguin Website is uncluttered and very easy to navigate. The top menu is simple, and the entire line of products can be found through an easy-to-use dropdown menu on the homepage. 

The graphics are easy on the eyes, and information about the company is also readily available. The “Our Story” section makes Penguin’s value clear; the blog contains plenty of informative articles, including a growing collection of articles about CBD laws in every state; and you can also quickly find the certificate of analysis for each product on its specific product pages. 

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Penguin CBD is lightning fast and punctual. Their Chief Happiness Officer Stephanie answered all of our questions in detail within an hour of sending them out.

Her responses were clear, friendly, and informative, which definitely made us feel welcome to the Penguin family. We would definitely recommend going to them if you are curious to learn more about their products or CBD in general.

Final Verdict

Though Penguin CBD has only been around since 2019, the company is already making a name for itself by putting out transparent, simple products that are easy to understand. This is a feature that goes a very long way in making CBD accessible, because many companies end up complicating things when they attempt to add value by adding other ingredients. 

Penguin keeps their ingredients list short by including only what is necessary to make a high-quality product at an affordable price. Its products mostly make use of a strong broad spectrum formula, but its gummies are made with CBD isolate for better flavor. 

It will be interesting to see how Penguin’s product line evolves as the company has more time on the market to develop and refine its offerings. As it stands right now, this is an exceptional company that makes premium CBD products at an agreeable price point.

We would give them our full recommendation to anybody looking for potent broad-spectrum and CBD isolate products without any THC.

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