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Last Updated: July 2020
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Though Plus CBD’s website is ambiguous in its level of transparency, it is one of the most trusted CBD companies on the market today. The topical products from the company are top-notch, and all are affordable and worth a try. In all, this is a satisfactory company from which to purchase your CBD.

Overall Rating
CBD Quality97%
Customer Service60%

Plus CBD’s main selling point is that it is one of the first hemp-derived CBD companies on the market. The company has been a driving force in advocacy, education and legalization, and it truly contributes to legitimizing CBD use for wellness.

The variety of products sold by the company is not overwhelming, but it is a nice, solid selection of the basics. You can find some of the best CBD oils, CBD topicals, CBD capsules and CBD gummies on the market.

The one downside to Plus CBD’s inventory, is the lack of choices with formula and with concentration. Though there are three different types of full spectrum formulas, there are no broad spectrum or isolate products. Additionally, most products have lower concentrations of CBD, and you often have only one choice.

There is a little ambiguity about how transparent this company is, because even though the website seems to lack important information like an ingredients list for some of its products, and the source of its hemp, Plus CBD is the first CBD company to self-affirm that their products are generally recognized as safe (GRAS), which is a big deal in the industry.

The company actually has published research pertaining to the safety and efficacy of its products, they are labeled accurately, and efforts at getting CBD noticed as a legitimate wellness product are paying off for the company and its customers. 

Quick Summary


  • Published research confirming safety and efficacy of products
  • One of the first hemp-derived CBD companies on the market
  • Extensive literature, videos and podcasts to inform consumers about CBD
  • Fun, quirky website
  • Products are all affordably-priced


  • Product pages are not very clear, which is inconsistent with the rest of the website
  • Only full spectrum products, so not accessible for people who are subject to regular drug testing
  • Transparency may be questionable

Background Information

Plus CBD operates under its parent company, CV Sciences, which essentially invented the CBD industry as it is today. In 2010, CV Sciences began legally importing hemp extracts from reputable European companies before the first 2014 Hemp Act passed.

Then in 2014, the company started working with universities across the nation to research and develop a sustainable commercial hemp program. CV Sciences even donated the first hemp seeds to be planted legally in the US since prohibition back in 1937. The company is now in the top 10 for overall supplements and wellness according to a recent report. 

Plus CBD is not incredibly up front about where the hemp used in its products comes from, but the company does claim full traceability from seed to sale. It also states that its seeds are EU certified, meaning that the European Union approves of the cultivation of the seeds used.

We generally tell consumers to stray away from companies that source their hemp from other countries, but countries in the EU are an exception because they have some of the most stringent agricultural regulations in the world.

Additionally Plus CBD has worked with US universities to develop hemp pilot programs, so we feel secure in trusting that Plus CBD is using the safest methods possible to make its CBD. The CBD is extracted using a solvent-free CO2 process, and all third party lab results are available right on each product page.

Shipping and Returns

Plus CBD offers free shipping on all orders over $75. For all other orders, cost is processed at checkout and is based on your items and your location. The company processes all orders within one to two business days, which does not include weekends.

You can also choose expedited shipping options through UPS at checkout, with cost determined at that time. Plus CBD does ship to most countries outside the US, as well as every state in the US.

We ordered our sample from the company on a Tuesday and chose regular shipping. The order was processed the next day, and we received our CBD oil on Thursday—just two days after we ordered! So, you don’t necessarily need to pay for expedited shipping even if you are in a hurry. Plus CBD is great about getting your order right out the door and to your mailbox in no time.

Plus CBD indicates that you can return any item within 14 days for a full refund (minus shipping), but it is unclear if this is true for products you are unsatisfied with.

Many companies do not give refunds on items that have been opened, so you don’t really have an opportunity to try the product. The website states that any benefits you expect are based on your own assumptions about CBD (this assertion is in compliance with the FDA).

But that would also make it seem that you cannot make a return once you have tried your product. We advise that you contact customer service to confirm the return policy before you order if you are unsure about your purchase.

Plus CBD’s Products


Even though most companies feature their CBD oil line as the most important product, Plus CBD’s line of oils seems to almost be an afterthought with a random selection.

The company offers a raw CBD formula, a “whole plant” formula,  and a Gold formula—which appears to be the basic full spectrum oil. All are mixed with extra virgin olive oil as the carrier, and you have a couple of different concentration options and flavors to choose from.

CBD Gold Formula Drops ($31.99 – $119.99) – Plus CBD’s standard drops are made with full spectrum CBD that truly is full spectrum. It contains CBC and CBG in addition to CBD. Choose between unflavored, peppermint and blueberry.

We like that you can get doses as low as 250mg per one-ounce bottle, but we don’t like that you have to purchase two-ounce bottles in order to get anything stronger. Their 750mg and 1500mg concentrations, then, are equivalent to a one-ounce bottle containing 375mg and 750mg of CBD respectively.

Raw CBD Drops ($67.95) – This formula has a decidedly earthy flavor, as it is essentially the equivalent of running a hemp plant through a juicer.

One of the benefits of this type of CBD, is that it contains some cannabinoids in their original form. CBD-A , for example, turns into CBD once processed; but it has different effects while it is still in its raw form. This oil contains both. Your only option with the raw drops is a 2oz, 500mg bottle in peppermint flavor.

Unsweetened Drops ($29.99) – It is uncertain how the “total plant complex” formula differs from the full spectrum formula, as these terms are typically used interchangeably.

However, Plus CBD is touting this formula as something completely different from the full spectrum formula. These are supposed to be unsweetened, but the product description indicates that they are sweetened with monk fruit and quillaja saponaria just like the other oils. Comes in a 1oz bottle with 300mg of CBD.

CBD Capsules

Plus CBD’s capsules come in three selections, making use of their three different CBD formulas. These simple capsules are all made with just four ingredients: CBD hemp extract, olive oil, silica for clumping and a vegetarian capsule. It is unclear what, specifically, the capsule is made from. It may be vegan as well, or it may not.

Gold Formula CBD Softgels ($15.99 – $69.99) – Plus CBD’s most concentrated formula, these drops contain 15mg of full spectrum CBD. This is still not an incredibly high-dose capsule, but it is actually difficult to find capsules with a higher dose than this. Choose between a bottle of 10 or a bottle of 60.

Raw Formula Softgels ($11.99 – $39.99) – Like with the CBD oil raw formula, these capsules contain CBD-A in addition to CBD. They only come in a 5mg concentration, so you would likely need to take a minimum of four at a time to notice any effects. Choose between bottles of 10, 30 or 60 capsules.

Total Plant Complex Softgels ($13.99 – $48.99) – Right in the middle between the lower dose of raw CBD and the fully processed, concentrated full spectrum, lies this total plant complex CBD (which is probably about the same thing as the gold formula outside of concentration). Choose between 10 or 60 capsules.

CBD Gummies

The search for the perfect CBD gummy is an eternal one. Generally, the stronger they are in their concentration, the less tasty they are because you just can’t cover up that strong hemp flavor.

With Plus CBD, you don’t have to worry about that because they are made with just 5mg of CBD each. With a regular price of less than a dollar each, and a sale price of less than 50 cents each, you can afford to munch away on these tasty treats and get your full dose in a delicious snack.

Plus CBD Gummies ($11.99 – $27.99) – Infused with Plus CBD’s Gold formula, these full spectrum gummies are a perfect pick-me-up snack morning, noon and night. They are gluten-free, and the citrus punch flavored gummies are even vegan. Choose between that and cherry mango flavor, in a pack of 10 or a pack of 30. 

CBD Topicals

Plus CBD has a nice selection of CBD topicals, and they are all reasonably-priced—not a common feature among CBD brands. In addition to the standard lotions and balms, the company also features an effective, potent roll-on with botanical extracts and menthol to soothe sore muscles and joints.

The other unusual item Plus CBD carries that is worth adding into any beauty routine, is the facial serum. If you’re just looking for some sweet lotion or a thick balm for problem spots, you can find those on the website as well.

CBD Oil Roll-On ($27.99 – $49.99) – Plus CBD has a special formula that takes the roll-on category of topical products to the next level.

Including jojoba, aucklandia lappa root, licorice, ox knee, cinnamon and green tea extract, menthol and camphor, these roll-ons contain either 200mg or a super-concentrated 500mg of Gold formula full spectrum CBD in a 1 ounce bottle. Reasonably priced and well-liked by customers, this is probably the highest-value item on the menu for Plus CBD.

CBD Skin Serum ($19.99) – Infused with a rich array of botanical ingredients, including  jojoba, sea buckthorn, coconut, turmeric, bergamot, kokum seed butter, and meadowfoam seed oil, for clear skin and a rejuvenated face. This serum is light and non-greasy with 50mg of Gold formula CBD in a .97-ounce bottle. 

CBD Lotions, Creams and Balms ($10.99 – $49.99) – Plus CBD lotions are light and go on easy for a full-body moisturizer, while the creams are a little thicker for hands and face. The balms are the thickest moisturizer that Plus CBD makes, with a concentrated dose of CBD for your biggest problem spots. You can find the balms in a jar or a convenient travel stick.

Lab Results

Even when a company posts certificates of analysis on its website, the results are not always accurate; so we like to have our own independent lab test samples to ensure that our reviews are reliable and helpful to consumers. We sent the 250mg peppermint-flavored Gold Formula CBD and were happy to see that the labeling is perfect.

The bottle contained 255mg of CBD, in addition to other cannabinoids including THC, CBG and CBC, all contributing to the entourage effect of a full spectrum formula. We would like to see a more potent profile, however, particularly with more THC, CBG, and CBN. 

The Facts

What Was TestedThe Results
Product TestedPlus CBD Gold Formula 250mg 
Price/mg of CBD$0.16
Claimed CBD mg/package250mg 
Actual total CBD mg/package255mg
Actual total THC mg/package3mg
Actual total CBN mg/packageNone detected
Actual total CBC mg/package12mg
Actual total CBG mg/package3mg

Website Experience

Plus CBD’s website has various search functions, which simplifies finding what you are looking for. Product descriptions are inconsistent and incomplete, making it difficult to understand what you are buying. This alone may be a discouraging factor that would keep customers from visiting the site, but Plus CBD’s web appeal is in its content.

The site features a tongue-in-cheek attitude with a hilarious 70s-stylized theme to celebrate the fact that this is one of the oldest CBD companies on the market. You can really educate yourself about CBD and its benefits on the site with informative articles, videos and even a podcast focusing on the cannabis industry.

Customer Service

We filled out the contact form for Plus CBD and they replied back via email only a few hours later. However, the message we got from them was quite obviously an automated generic response.

Rather than answer our questions directly, they provided us a list of their main products with descriptions ripped right from their website. Not quite the personalized response we’d expect inquiring customers to receive.

Final Verdict

Though Plus CBD’s website is ambiguous in its level of transparency, it is one of the most trusted CBD companies on the market today. Maybe it’s because it is also one of the first hemp-derived CBD companies to enter the industry, or maybe it’s because the company has been an advocate for legitimizing and legalizing hemp and CBD since before the first US farm bill was ever even passed.

The selection of products sold by the company is sufficient to meet just about anyone’s CBD needs, but we would like to see a better variety within each item.

It would be great if Plus CBD added products made with broad spectrum CBD and CBD isolate, and if expanded concentrations were available in its CBD capsules, oils and gummies. Additionally, the full spectrum formula could be a little more varied and robust.

The topical products from the company are top-notch, and all are affordable and worth a try. In all, this is a satisfactory company from which to purchase your CBD.

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