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Last Updated: August 2020
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Pure Spectrum has done an excellent job of reaching pro athletes who are subject to the laws of the World Anti-Doping Agency, and who cannot afford to risk exposing themselves to THC. Prices are acceptable, though you can probably find isolate oils cheaper elsewhere. If, however, you want a good variety of CBD products that are trusted by athletes everywhere and made with traceable, high-quality ingredients, we recommend giving Pure Spectrum a try.

Overall Rating
CBD Quality80%
Customer Service100%

Pure Spectrum is a smaller CBD company that has acquired three other small CBD labels, and it broadens its line by making their products available on its website as well. Pure Spectrum makes CBD oil, cream, bath soaks, and CBD isolate powder all geared toward people living an active lifestyle.

The other labels associated with Pure Spectrum make higher concentrated CBD oils and topicals marketed for athletes, CBD products for pets, and CBD products that have a more medicinal approach in their branding.

It is unclear which formula Pure Spectrum or any of its labels intend to use in their CBD products, because the website and product descriptions do not indicate whether they are using a broad spectrum CBD or a CBD isolate.

However, based on the lab results published on the website, as well as our independent lab results for the CBD oil we purchased from Pure Spectrum, all of the products are made with a CBD isolate formula.

We gave the quality of Pure Spectrum products a “B” rating because there are no minor actives (additional cannabinoids that contribute to the entourage effect) present in any of them, but this does not diminish the quality of the pure CBD.

Some consumers are looking for products that are made with isolated CBD, for a more targeted effect; and some would prefer isolates to broad spectrum in order to be absolutely certain there is no THC present. If this is your preference, then you will enjoy the CBD products offered by Pure Spectrum and all of its labels.

The company has been endorsed by professional athletes who are subject to stringent drug guidelines, including Olympian Jake Dalton.

Quick Summary


  • Expanded product line with additional labels
  • Only CBD isolate products makes shopping simple
  • Reasonable prices
  • Good transparency
  • THC free products endorsed by professional athletes


  • No full or broad spectrum products
  • Slow shipping time

Background Information

The founder of Pure Spectrum, Brady Bell, grew up connected to family farms in Kansas, and the company’s goal is to not only vertically integrate its process (controlling every aspect from seed to sale), but to help America’s hemp farmers succeed.

Bell has on a mission to reintroduce the “Million Dollar Farmer” to American agriculture, through building productive relationships and using fair trade and rate practices with all of Pure Spectrum’s farm partners.

Founded in 2015 and based in Evergreen Colorado, Pure Spectrum is well on its way to reaching its goals as it builds its product line, obtains select labels, innovates new production standards, and advocates for sustainable legislation regarding hemp.

The company is recognized among professional athletes everywhere for its consistency, and it has partnered with USA Triathlon and Team USA Weightlifting to provide Olympic athletes with CBD products through 2023. 

Something we really like about Pure Spectrum, is that they introduce us to its farmers by giving them a dedicated spot on the website.

The company currently uses two family farms to source its organically-grown hemp, and according to the website, a $25 million processing facility and farming operation in Kansas was set to open in January 2020.

This would be Pure Spectrum’s final step toward full oversight over every step of the process in making its CBD.

Shipping and Returns

Pure Spectrum currently ships all US orders over $150 through USPS First Class mail for free. The company does ship internationally as well, but it cannot currently ship to Canada. You can arrange for expedited shipping for an additional fee by placing your order over the phone.

Pure Spectrum promises processing within one business day after you place your order (barring weekends and holidays), and you can expect to receive your products within seven to ten business days.

We placed our order at the beginning of the week so that we could ensure our shipment would not be delayed because of the weekend.

Pure Spectrum did not get our order out for a full three business days, and it took another four days to get our package in the mail. While it took longer than we would have liked,l we did get our package within the promised time period.

About half of the companies we review offer satisfaction guarantees, and the other half will only provide refunds for returns that have been unopened and unused.

Pure Spectrum is in the latter category, but you have a full 30 days to change your mind about your order as long as you do not open it. Simply contact the service department to set up a return shipment.

Pure Spectrum’s Products


Pure Spectrum makes CBD oil under three separate labels. They are essentially the same formula, but in different concentrations and made with different carrier oils. The marketing varies for each label as well.

Pure Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil ($24.88 – $194.88) – This is the CBD oil geared toward everyone interested in taking CBD for general wellness. Suspended in MCT oil, the standard formula supports an active, healthy lifestyle with two different concentrations—each available in two different sizes. These range from 250mg of CBD in a 15mL bottle, to 2500mg of CBD in a 60mL bottle.

Black Label Cannabidiol Oil ($194.88 – $348.88) – Pure Spectrum’s Black Label oil is the same formula as the regular CBD oil, except it is super concentrated and marketed toward more extreme athletes. Choose between 2500mg on a 30mL bottle, or 5000mg of CBD in a 60mL bottle.

1850 Hemp Co. Cannabidiol Elixir ($24.88 – $194.88) –  While the branding for the 1850 Hemp Co. label branding is appealing, it pushes the envelope with its marketing by conveying a message of olde time medicinals.

The elixir is made with organic phytocannabinoid rich hemp extract (CBD) suspended in organic hemp seed oil, for a smoother, nutty flavor than the products made with MCT oil. Choices range between 250mg of CBD in a 15mL bottle and 2500mg of CBD in a 60mL bottle.

CBD Topicals

The topicals carried by Pure Spectrum are also offered under the company’s three labels. On the website, you will find lotions, facial creme, salves, bath soaks, and pain relief balms.

Each label is consistent with its marketing, gearing products toward an intended audience. With all the labels combined, there is certainly something for everyone. Additionally, these products are very reasonably-priced as far as premium CBD topicals go.

Pure Spectrum ($9.88 – $44.88) – The official Pure Spectrum line has the most comprehensive topical CBD product offerings.

You can find bath soaks infused with 25mg of CBD and intended to help you relax, rejuvenate, or detox; and the following products are all infused with 500mg of CBD each: A rehydrating face creme that reduces wrinkles, keeping your skin looking and feeling refreshed; a full body lotion to give you that fresh from the spa feeling; and relaxing salves that you can use to massage away the aches and pains of the day, healing sore joints and muscles.

Black Label ($12.88 – $84.88) – The Black Label products include a bath soak made with 25mg of CBD and magnesium chloride to provide intense healing, and a super-concentrated salve with 1000mg of CBD for serious athletes who need serious recovery.

1850 Hemp Co. Liniment Pain Relief Cream ($44.88 – $84.88) – The 1850 Hemp Co. label only makes a liniment, but this is a powerful one.

Choose between 500mg or 1000mg of CBD blended with all-natural arnica, white willow bark, capsaicin, and cooling essential oils to help you relax and relieve pain after a long day or a tough workout.

Pet Products

Pure Spectrum isn’t going to leave your four-legged friend hanging. The company has acquired a line just for your furry friends called EndoPet, making some of the best CBD pet products you can find.

The company currently carries just three products, geared toward the cats and dogs you love the most.

Cannabidiol Oil for Dogs ($19.88 – $48.88) – Your pooch isn’t one-size-fits-all, so your pooch’s CBD shouldn’t be either. EndoPet makes three different concentrations of CBD oil suspended in the same MCT oil you enjoy in your Pure Spectrum oils. Each concentration corresponds to your dog’s size so you can be confident you are getting the dosing right every time.

Cannabidiol Oil for Cats ($19.88) – Some companies only make CBD oil for your dog, then suggest you adjust dosing by weight to give the same formula to your cat. EndoPets knows how inconvenient that is, so they’ve made a CBD oil that is just the right strength for your favorite kitty, too.

Cannabidiol Hip and Joint Relief Chewables ($24.88) – This one is made for both your cat and your dog, but the chewables are made gentle enough that you don’t have to worry too much about dosing.

Your cat and dog will enjoy this special treat, with just a small amount of CBD and a special formula of glucosamine and other ingredients that will keep your four-legged bestie feeling their best.

Lab Results

We like to have a sample of CBD oil from every company we review tested by a third party lab to ensure that we are providing the full, unbiased picture to our readers. We had the Pure Spectrum standard label Cannabidiol Oil 500mg tested, and we shared the results below.

As you can see, Pure Spectrum has labeled their oil with an accuracy we rarely see. The CBD oil was free of pesticides, heavy metals, and solvent residue. And there was absolutely no detectable trace of THC, as advertised.

Though Pure Spectrum does not explicitly state whether its oil is made with a broad spectrum or an isolate formula, we will assume that isolate is the intended formula since there are no minor actives (additional cannabinoids) present.

The Facts

What Was TestedThe Results
Product TestedPure Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil 500mg
Price/mg of CBD$0.12
Claimed CBD mg/package500mg 
Actual total CBD mg/package501mg
Actual total THC mg/packageNone detected 
Actual total CBN mg/packageNone detected
Actual total CBC mg/packageNone detected 
Actual total CBG mg/packageNone detected 

Website Experience

Despite the fact that Pure Spectrum offers a total of four separate labels and their products on one website, everything was surprisingly organized and clearly labeled.

We appreciated how easy it was to learn everything we wanted to know about the company and its history, and reading about the company’s source farms was a delight we don’t often get to enjoy. It would have been nice to see better ingredients labeling and more educational material.

The blog disappointingly was mostly made up of press releases about Pure Spectrum and its labels; but it did include a helpful writeup explaining the differences between all of its labels. In all, however, it was pretty easy to find everything we were looking for.

Customer Service

The customer service at Pure Spectrum is about as responsive and helpful as you’d hope. They replied to our email in a matter of hours, and gave us succinct answers for all of our questions.

Pure Spectrum smartly has a variety of different email addresses to handle a variety of inquiry types. There’s an address for general support, as well as more specific ones for topics such as shipping and returns or their discount programs.

Final Verdict

Pure Spectrum products being separated among four different labels had us a bit wary at first. This can often lead to confusing branding and a lack of attention to detail for some of the labels. However, this was not the case for the different labels that are under the Pure Spectrum company.

As a matter of fact, the separation helped us better understand the products and their intended users. Though this company only offers products that are made with isolated CBD, they are some of the most trusted products on the market.

The company has done an excellent job of reaching pro athletes who are subject to the laws of the World Anti-Doping Agency, and who cannot afford to risk exposing themselves to THC. Prices are acceptable, though you can probably find isolate oils cheaper elsewhere.

If, however, you want a good variety of CBD products that are trusted by athletes everywhere and made with traceable, high-quality ingredients, we recommend giving Pure Spectrum a try.

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