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Last Updated: August 2020
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Receptra Naturals has a few transparency issues that may have more to do with the recent growth of the company and expansion of the website than with deception. It is a smaller company that maintains direct involvement with its family farm sources and in-house manufacturing processes, even including hand-shucking hemp in preparation for extraction. We would recommend Receptra for anyone looking for a full spectrum CBD with a higher concentration of the minor cannabinoid CBC, or customers seeking relief from sore muscles and joints with a high-quality CBD cream.

Overall Rating
CBD Quality92%
Customer Service100%

Receptra Naturals started out as a small, family-owned and run company that has recently seen significant expansion. It has managed to maintain its identity as an agriculturally-focused operation, and it has not sacrificed the quality of its products as it grows.

Receptra makes everything in-house, using hemp that it grew organically on its farm, along with other natural and organic ingredients. The resulting full and broad spectrum CBD oils, capsules, topicals, and pet products are highly-rated and reasonably-priced.

Many companies focus on flashy branding and celebrity or athlete endorsements as their main selling point, but Receptra’s identity is more focused on its actual agricultural practices.

The company boasts about its company-run, family owned farm, where everyone from the top company executives on down gathers at harvest time to hand-shuck the hemp that has been lovingly-tended all summer long.

While the company’s level of transparency leaves us asking some questions, the quality of their products is good enough that we can attribute it to a fault of web design more than any sort of intentional deception.

We would like to see third party lab results more readily available online, but our independent lab results indicated that the bottle was labeled accurately and that the full spectrum formula itself was a moderately good formula. Additionally, all products come with a lot number that you can look up once you have it in-hand, and Receptra offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Quick Summary


  • Good full spectrum formula
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Products with botanicals added for enhanced effects
  • Loyalty discounts
  • Products formulated by professionals with extensive experience in the industry


  • Certificates of Analysis only provided with a lot number that comes on a purchased product, or upon request
  • Not very many broad spectrum products and no isolates

Background Information

In 2015, Rusty Scott injured his knee from a wintery fall on the ice and struggled to get relief from the pain. He searched for a CBD product that could consistently help, and became frustrated with his results. That’s when he decided to found a CBD company of his own that would focus on creating high-quality products that brought relief every time.

Its motto is “The truth is curative,” and the company continues to grow while never forgetting its roots. Receptra Naturals has been mentioned in Forbes and USA Today, and LA Weekly rated its CBD cream one of the best topicals for 2020. 

Receptra grows the hemp it uses to make CBD on family-owned farms in Colorado, and the whole company gets involved in the process during harvest season. The hemp is hand shucked and sun-dried; then CBD is distilled using an ethanol evaporation process with food-grade alcohol.

What’s left is Receptra’s full spectrum CBD formula that forms the base for all of its products (minus the couple of broad spectrum items the company carries). One big area where Receptra could use some improvement is with the accessibility of its certificates of analysis.

There is a spot to perform a search once you have a product in-hand with a lot number, but we prefer to be able to see the lab results before making a purchase.

Shipping and Returns

Receptra offers free standard US shipping, and the company’s website indicates that you will generally receive your order within one to three business days. You can pay extra for expedited shipping as well. Receptra delivers to all 50 US states, and it does ship internationally as well.

We like to get our CBD as quickly as the next person, but we always use the standard delivery method because we want our experience to be just like the average customer’s.

We ordered our CBD on a weekday early in the week, and Receptra sent our package out the following day. It took an additional six days for the package to make it to our mailbox, which is longer than the expected amount of time. 

We always appreciate seeing a satisfaction guarantee coming from a CBD company, because it shows confidence in the quality of its products. Receptra claims that its customer service department resolves nearly all of its customer issues within 48 hours. If you are unhappy with your product, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund. 

Receptra Naturals’ Products


Receptra Naturals carries a line of CBD oils and tinctures that have been thoughtfully crafted to target specific wellness effects. Don’t let that intimidate you, though. The company manages to still keep things simple enough to avoid a product overload.

You can choose between an oil formulated to help you get better rest, one to reduce your inflammation and pain, and one for your general wellness. All start with a base of full spectrum CBD oil and MCT oil, and they each have their own blend of botanical oils added from there.

Serious Wellness CBD ($204.99) – The Serious Wellness formula is the base oil that Receptra uses to make all of its other oils. It is a moderately robust full spectrum formula, and it comes in one concentration. This one is 50mg per dose in a 60mL bottle.

Receptra does not label by the bottle’s total CBD content and 60mL is twice the size of the most common bottles. For comparison, this product has a concentration of 1500mg of CBD per 30mL.

Serious Rest ($41.99 – $134.99) – Everyone needs proper sleep in order to feel healthy and happy. Serious rest supports that with Receptra’s full spectrum CBD formula, with added chamomile, linalool, valerian root, vanilla, and peppermint.

We are not sure if anything else is in this oil because there is no official ingredients list. These come in a concentration of 25mg per dose, and you can choose between 1/2oz, 1oz, and 2oz sizes.

Serious Relief ($44.99 – $264.99) – This formula comes with the most flexibility, and you can even find it with a THC free option.

Again starting with the base full spectrum CBD (or broad spectrum for the THC free version), Receptra adds omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, turmeric, and avocado oil to help support your physical health, metabolism functioning, and post-workout recovery.

Choose between 33mg or 66mg per dose in 1/2oz. 1oz, and 2oz sizes. The THC free version only comes in the 33mg per dose 1oz size.

CBD Capsules

Some people prefer a more familiar way of getting their daily dose of CBD. Capsules are a good option for those who are often on the go, and they can be a little easier to travel with, too. Capsules are almost always a little more expensive per mg of CBD than oils are, but Receptra’s are a little more expensive than average.

They make two different kinds of capsules, both using the same formulas as their oils in an easy to swallow gel cap. Choose between the Relax formula and the Rest formula.

Seriously Relax Gelcaps ($69.99) – Just your basic full spectrum CBD plus MCT oil in an easy to swallow gelcap to support your everyday wellness. Available with 25mg of CBD per capsule, in bottles of 30.

Serious Rest Gelcaps ($69.99) – Take these gelcaps about a half hour or so before bed for a great night’s sleep. These are Receptra’s full spectrum capsules blended with chamomile, linalool, and chamomile. Each capsule is 25mg, and they come in a bottle of 30. 

CBD Topicals

When you want fast-acting soothing relief for sore joints and muscles, CBD topicals are an excellent way to get those problem areas and help reduce inflammation. Receptra Naturals has a couple of unique formulas that come in different formats to help you get the relief you need the way you need it.

Seriously Relax Body Oil ($29.99 – $39.99) – A CBD massage is one of the most relaxing experiences you can ever have, and Receptra has added botanicals that make this oil even better.

We are not certain that we have the entire list of ingredients because there is no official list or photo, but this oil is made with arnica, jojoba, vitamin E, and camphor, then scented with lavender and vanilla for an immersive aroma. Comes in a two ounce bottle with 200mg of CBD or a four ounce bottle with 400mg of CBD.

Serious Relief Topicals ($41.99 – $76.99) – This formula does not include all the ingredients the Serious Relief CBD tincture contains, but it does come with a THC free option as well as two different formats.

Again, since there is no official ingredients list or photo, we are not certain of all the ingredients in these products, but they are made with jojoba and arnica oil as a base, then scented with ylang ylang, jasmine and camphor.

Available in a cream format, with 400mg of CBD in a 1.25 ounce jar, or 800mg of CBD in a 2.5 ounce jar, or a two ounce sport stick format with 640mg of CBD.

Pet Products

Most of us consider our pets family, and we want them to live healthy, happy lives. CBD can help support your pet’s health, too; and Receptra Naturals makes CBD oil with your best friends in mind, whether they be furry or feathered.

The pet tincture is just a little more expensive than the stuff made for humans even though it is exactly the same as the basic formula.

But since they are exactly the same, you may want to even consider the pet tincture for yourself if you are looking for a lower dose or a smaller bottle of the 25mg CBD.

Pet CBD Tincture ($44.99 – $64.99) – Made only with CBD suspended in MCT oil, this tincture is exactly like the basic full spectrum CBD made by Receptra for humans. You can choose between 16mg of CBD per dose in a one ounce bottle (480mg of CBD total), or 25mg of CBD per dose in a one ounce bottle (750mg of CBD total).

Generally, you will decide on the dosing for your pet by weight, but Receptra does not provide a chart, so you will have to find one somewhere else.

Lab Results

We like to provide the most thorough CBD company reviews on the internet, and that means sending a sample of the CBD oils from each of the companies we review to a third party lab for testing. This way, we can confirm that what is in the bottle is what is on the label.

We sampled the Seriously Relax formula with 25mg of CBD per dose (750mg per one ounce bottle), and we shared the results below. As you can see, there is a little bit less actual CBD in the bottle than stated on the label, but it falls within the acceptable level of discrepancy (within ten percent).

We want to see the presence of all the minor cannabinoids on our list, and Receptra’s is missing CBN. Additionally, a more complete entourage effect would be produced if there were higher concentrations of CBG and THC (up to 0.3 percent). In all, however, the strong presence of CBC in this formula will enhance the CBD and create a satisfactory result.

While this formula is not as robust and potent as some, it is still a pretty decent full spectrum product.

The Facts

What Was TestedThe Results
Product TestedReceptra Naturals Seriously Relax Full Spectrum 750mg CBD Tincture
Price/mg of CBD$0.11
Claimed CBD mg/package750mg 
Actual total CBD mg/package738mg
Actual total THC mg/package24mg
Actual total CBN mg/packageNone detected
Actual total CBC mg/package45mg
Actual total CBG mg/package18mg

Website Experience

One big turnoff from Receptra Naturals came before we even fully got to the home page of the company’s website. Before the landing page appeared, a popup covered the entire page asking us to confirm that we are over 18 by entering our email.

Clicking the confirmation without entering an email address produces a small, lightly-colored x in the corner to close out the pop-up and visit the site, but it is difficult to find and many potential customers may leave thinking they have to enter their email addresses before even looking at the site.

Once you figure out how to get to the homepage, however, the website is fairly simple and pleasant to use. We would like to see an official ingredients list for each product and accessible certificates of analysis.

Customer Service

Receptra is a brand that sets the gold standard for customer support. They responded to our email within an hour of sending it to them.

Maureen, the representative we talked to, was absolutely on point when it came to answering our questions.

She provided relevant information about their products in a clear and friendly manner. This is the sort of stellar support that customers both long-term and new can count on.

Final Verdict

Receptra Naturals has a few transparency issues that may have more to do with the recent growth of the company and expansion of the website than with deception. It is a smaller company that maintains direct involvement with its family farm sources and in-house manufacturing processes, even including hand-shucking hemp in preparation for extraction.

The resulting full spectrum formula may not be perfect, but it is among some of the better ones on the market. Its topicals are rated among the best, and its prices are in line with the quality of its products.

We would recommend Receptra for anyone looking for a full spectrum CBD with a higher concentration of the minor cannabinoid CBC, or customers seeking relief from sore muscles and joints with a high-quality CBD cream.

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