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Last Updated: July 2020
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Royal CBD sources the hemp in its products from all natural Colorado farms, and the company’s full spectrum oil is one of the few oils that actually contains additional cannabinoids supporting the entourage effect. Products are more expensive than average, but customers seem to agree that they are worth every penny. Royal CBD does back all of its products up with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so trying its CBD oil is virtually risk-free.

Overall Rating
CBD Quality93%
Customer Service100%

Royal CBD is a straightforward company that focuses on making quality products available in higher potencies as well as lower doses.

The company recently revamped its website and marketing strategy, adding new products like CBD topicals to the line. Royal CBD now carries CBD oils in several doses, CBD capsules, CBD gummies and CBD topicals on an easy-to-use website. 

The company states that a sign of quality is transparency, and they want you to be able to read them like a book. As soon as you visit the website, it is easy to see that this is the goal, and menu items will take you directly to the information you are looking for.

This is a nice change from many other companies that hide their information underneath flashy branding. Unfortunately, however, the lab results for their products are nowhere to be found on the website—something we take seriously when considering transparency. 

Royal CBD’s cannabinoid profile is a bit on the weaker side than we like to see for a full spectrum formula, and its products are on the expensive side. The company is not great in the transparency department, either. In all, Royal CBD is obviously in a growing stage and may improve as time goes on; but for a similar price, you can find CBD that at least has lab results available before you make a purchase.

The company does suggest that you can contact customer service for lab results any time, and they offer a generous 30-day satisfaction guarantee. So if it turns out the products you ordered are not doing the trick for you, they can be returned for a refund minus shipping.

Quick Summary


  • No-frills straightforward products
  • Easy to find answers to questions on website
  • Highly-rated customer service
  • Full spectrum formula actually contains other cannabinoids in addition to CBD
  • Thirty day satisfaction guarantee means you can try products without risk


  • Products are more expensive than average
  • No lab results available on website
  • No CBD isolate or broad spectrum options available

Background Information

Founded in 2017 by Justin Hamilton and headquartered in Anaheim, California, Royal CBD started out as a small artisan CBD company with a focus on serving its customers in the best way possible, with the best CBD products possible. Royal CBD wants to maintain the same quality and value as when it first started out, while it expands its product line and customer base at a manageable pace.

Royal CBD sources the hemp used in its products from organic farms in Colorado, and it guarantees that no pesticides or growth-boosters were used to aid plant cultivation. It is challenging to verify that the farms growing hemp for Royal CBD are in fact organic, but this is generally difficult due to specific hemp farm regulations nationwide.

Our lab results from a sample of the company’s 500mg CBD oil indicated that the product was free of pesticides and heavy metals.

Royal CBD uses CO2 extraction to create its full spectrum formula, and it claims that it tests every batch in a third-party lab, though there are no results available on the website.

Shipping and Returns

For most CBD companies, you need to put in a minimum order to get free or discounted shipping, but Royal CBD offers free shipping on all orders regardless of amount.

You cannot choose to have your shipping expedited, so you are out of luck if you’re in a serious hurry to get your CBD, but standard shipping means your package will arrive in three to five days once it is dropped in the mail. 

We were surprised at how quickly our CBD arrived after we ordered it, and we were very satisfied with the overall experience. We ordered the full spectrum 500mg CBD oil on a Tuesday, it was shipped the following day, and delivered by Thursday. Delivery was faster than promised, which always earns bonus points in our eyes.

Royal CBD generously offers a money-back guarantee for anyone who is not completely satisfied with their product. When you contact customer service, they will first help you decide if maybe another product is more suited for your needs and send you a coupon for that product.

As long as you return your item while it is at least half full within 30 days of your purchase, you can expect a full refund.

Royal CBD’s Products


Royal CBD only carries full spectrum CBD oils with no frills. You can find flavor options for all four concentrations ranging from 250mg to 2500mg, but no additives or enhancements are infused into any of their products.

This means you simply get the pure effects of CBD, with no other ingredients to confuse the results. 

Full Spectrum CBD Oil ($59 – $289) – This formula contains only CBD at the concentration that you desire, MCT oil and terpenes from the whole-plant extract that enhance flavor. With a five-star rating, customers love the way Royal CBD’s oil works and the way it tastes.

Choose between 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, or 2500mg concentrations, in berry, mint, vanilla or natural flavors. Make your selections worry-free with the full 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are a convenient option for people who are new to CBD, because you don’t have to measure your dose. They are also great if you live a busy lifestyle. You can wash a capsule down with some water and go.

Royal CBD goes out on a limb with claims that their CBD capsules can improve sleep and reduce stress, as this is not in line with FDA regulations on statements in advertising for CBD products, but the company is not wrong in their assertions. 

CBD Softgel Capsules ($99) – Made with natural ingredients including MCT oil in addition to 25mg of CBD per capsule, these capsules are gluten-free and non-GMO.

When you are looking for a potent, simple product, Royal CBD’s softgel capsules fill that need perfectly. Each bottle contains 30 capsules, and you can order multiple bottles or subscribe to a monthly delivery service for a discounted price.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are an excellent option if you like the idea of getting your daily dose of CBD in the form of a delicious snack, or if you just don’t want to deal with CBD oil or swallowing a pill.

Royal CBD’s gummies are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and they are sweetened with pectin and cane sugar, so you can enjoy this tasty treat even when you have dietary restrictions.

Each bottle comes in an assortment of fruit flavors including strawberry, orange and grape, and they are made with CBD isolate, so they are completely free of THC.

CBD Gummies ($74 – $99) – Frankly, the CBD gummies from Royal CBD are quite expensive, but customers enthusiastically give great reviews. Since they are made with CBD isolate rather than full spectrum CBD, you can take them without worry if you are subject to regular drug screenings.

If you are new to CBD or you just need a lower dose, their 10mg gummies are the perfect solution. If you need a higher dose and you are experienced with CBD products, go for the 25mg gummies for the powerful effects of full strength CBD.

CBD Topicals

Royal CBD decided to go with broad spectrum CBD for their topical products. These items have recently been added to the company’s line, and they are unexpectedly popular, with one of the selections currently on back-order. You can choose between a warming and a cooling formula, and they are both 100 percent THC-free according to the product description. 

CBD Cream Warming Salve ($99) – This warming salve goes on thick and luxurious, but it absorbs quickly to get right to your problem spots. Customers are using this salve for everything from leg cramps to bug bites, to total body relaxation before bed.

With a base of coconut oil, olive oil and beeswax, then infused with capsaicin, ginger root and turmeric, the 500mg of broad spectrum CBD in a four ounce jar is the perfect formula to help you recover, relax and rest easy. 

CBD Roll-On Gel Icy Menthol ($79) – When you want to soothe sore muscles fast, this roll-on is the answer for you. Customers say the gel works instantly and dries quickly, for an effective treatment for injured joints and muscles, and even for sunburn.

With a base of menthol and aloe vera to go with the 350mg of broad spectrum CBD, this gel also contains additional herbal extracts like frankincense and lavender, to help you heal and feel your best.

Pet Products

Royal CBD only makes pet-specific CBD products for dogs, so feline-lovers and bunny-owners are out of luck unless you want to adjust the lower-dose CBD oil for your pet’s weight.

The dog treats, however, are made with every stage of your pooch’s life in mind, with different formulas to help Fido feel his best no matter what. Each treat contains 5mg of CBD, but it is unclear whether bags have 30 or 50 treats in them due to an inconsistency in the product description on the website.

Royal Paws CBD Dog Treats ($49) – Available in three different varieties, these are treats your pooch is sure to love. Calming treats for stress and anxiety are peanut butter and apple flavored, and they contain L-theanine and chamomile in addition to the CBD, to reduce anxiety.

Active treats are pumpkin spice and cinnamon flavored, and they have added turmeric, boswellia, and hemp seed powder, keeping joints and muscles healthy and reducing inflammation.

Finally, the hearty treats are sweet potato and blueberry flavored, and they are intended to protect Fido’s heart and immune health with flaxseed and hemp seed powder.  

Lab Results

Even when a company provides the certificate of analysis for each batch of CBD in its products, the results can be inaccurate. So we like to test samples for ourselves to ensure an unbiased review. We had an independent lab test Royal CBD’s 500mg full spectrum CBD oil, and you can see the results below.

The oil actually has more CBD than the label indicates, but this is generally considered acceptable as long as the discrepancy is around 10 percent or less—which it is. The oil contains the additional cannabinoids CBC, CBG and THC (within the federally legal limit), facilitating at least a minimal entourage effect.

However, we like to see a more robust concentration of minor cannabinoids when a product is labeled full spectrum. It should contain a higher concentration of CBG and THC than it does, and it should also contain at least some CBN.   

The Facts

What Was TestedThe Results
Product TestedRoyal CBD 500mg full spectrum oil
Price/mg of CBD$0.16
Claimed CBD mg/package500mg 
Actual total CBD mg/package555mg
Actual total THC mg/package3mg
Actual total CBN mg/packageNone detected
Actual total CBC mg/package12mg
Actual total CBG mg/package3mg

Website Experience

Overall, Royal CBD’s website is easy to use and straightforward. Its plain branding and formatting make it easy to find information about the company and about each product. There are no search or filtering options, but there are not so many products that you would struggle to find what you are looking for anyway.

Most product descriptions are consistent, and it is easy to find the ingredients lists. The company does not display certificates of analysis online, but you can contact customer support and they will supply the lab results for the products you are considering.

Customer Service

From our experience, you get the royal treatment when you reach out to Royal CBD’s happiness team.

They responded to us promptly within a matter of hours, with detailed answers for all of our questions. It’s easy to tell that they strive for high levels of customer satisfaction and put the extra effort into ensuring it.

Final Verdict

Royal CBD may not have flashy product packaging or an enormous website, but the company does offer a simple line of products that are accurately labeled. The company started out small in San Diego, and it is building its product line slowly in an effort to balance new demand and popularity, with maintaining the trust and quality that its current customers love.

Royal CBD sources the hemp in its products from all natural Colorado farms, and the company’s full spectrum oil is one of the few oils that actually contains additional cannabinoids supporting the entourage effect.

Shipping is lightning fast, and the company takes pride in its personal customer service. We would like to see third-party lab results displayed online and better overall transparency in addition to a more potent cannabinoid profile for its formula.

Products are more expensive than average, but customers seem to agree that they are worth every penny. Royal CBD does back all of its products up with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so trying its CBD oil is virtually risk-free.

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