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Last Updated: August 2020
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Sabaidee is an overall average company. We would just advise that you check out the lab results before making any purchases, and that you shop elsewhere if you want products made with a true broad spectrum formula.

Overall Rating
CBD Quality80%
Customer Service60%

Sabaidee is on a mission to help a million people with its CBD, and plant a million trees in the process. For every single purchase made, Sabaidee donates the funds to pay for an environmental charity to plant one tree.

Aside from a noble environmental cause as its selling point, Sabaidee has a simple product line. It carries only CBD oils and a couple of topicals that it claims are made with a broad spectrum formula. We found, however, that the formula used for this company’s products is actually more of a CBD isolate. 

Generally, a broad spectrum formula contains minor cannabinoids (such as CBG, CBC, and CBN) in addition to the base amount of CBD, producing an entourage effect that full and broad spectrum products are famous for. The independent lab we used to test a sample of oil from Sabaidee showed no minor active cannabinoids.

The company’s own lab results shared on the website also typically show the presence of no additional cannabinoids, indicating that their products are made with an isolate rather than a broad spectrum formula.

In addition to the fact that the company inaccurately advertises its products as being made with a broad spectrum CBD formula, it was issued a warning letter by the FDA in November 2019. The company was cited for promoting its products as a supplement and making medical claims about CBD’s benefits.

While this may be a factor that makes you uncomfortable with purchasing anything from Sabaidee, we should note that the FDA regulations make advertising and promoting CBD a bit of an ambiguous process and the company’s violations does not have anything to do with the quality of its products. 

Sabaidee is an overall average company. We would just advise that you check out the lab results before making any purchases, and that you shop elsewhere if you want products made with a true broad spectrum formula.

Quick Summary


  • One tree planted for every purchase
  • Well-defined refund policy with a satisfaction guarantee
  • Pleasant, easy-to-use website
  • Various ways to get discounts, including for families impacted by COVID-19
  • Informational blog


  • Broad spectrum formula is closer to isolate
  • FDA issued letter of warning in 2019 for advertising and labeling violations

Background Information

We could not find a whole lot of information about Sabaidee or its founder, Alon Shabo. The company was founded in 2018, after Shabo’s mother used CBD as she was being treated for breast cancer, and Shabo found it also helped him with his anxiety.

The company seems to be held by a parent company, Sabai Ventures Ltd., which is based in Los Angeles, California. Sabaidee is a member of the National Hemp Association, and it was named by as one of the top CBD oil brands for 2020.

Sabaidee harvests the hemp it uses in all of its products from a registered farm using natural growing practices in Colorado. It uses a solvent-free CO2 extraction process to obtain its oils.

The company states that it tests every batch in-house before it is sent off to a third party lab for confirmation of results. It displays all independent lab results on a dedicated page, with each batch and its corresponding product identified in the links. 

Shipping and Returns

Sabaidee ships to all 50 states for free, and the company will ship to Israel, Australia, and the UK as well. International shipping rates apply to all orders outside the US. With the standard shipping option, the company states that you should expect your order within three to five business days.

We put our order in on a weekday early in the week in order to prevent delays due to the weekend.

Sabaidee processed our order and sent it out the next day. It then took a full six additional days to reach us, though that is not entirely Sabaidee’s fault once the package was in the hands of the USPS.

Sabaidee does offer a satisfaction guarantee for all of its products, but it charges a fee for any products that have been opened. If, within 30 days after you place your order, you decide that you are unhappy with your product, you can request a refund.

If your product is unopened, there is no fee and you will get a full refund minus shipping. If you have tried your product, the company will still issue a refund, but Sabaidee will keep approximately ten percent of the original price as well as the cost of shipping.

Sabaidee’s Products


Sabaidee makes one CBD oil formula in three different concentrations for flexibility in your dosing. It also offers an unflavored option in one concentration.

The fact that each concentration gets its own product page makes it a bit confusing and clutters the website, but they are the same other than the amount of CBD found in each.

The company claims that all of their oils are made with broad spectrum CBD. However, the lab results shared on the website—as well as our own results from a sample we sent to an independent lab—indicated that the oil was made with more of a CBD isolate formula.

All of these variations are made with MCT oil as the carrier, all are flavored with peppermint essential oil (except for the unflavored option), and they come in a 30mL bottle.

Good Vibes, Pure Good Vibes, Super Good Vibes, and Mega Good Vibes CBD Oils ($48.95 – $249.95) – All the vibes are positive with Sabaidee’s CBD oils. Don’t get confused by the different names for each product. They are all the same CBD formula, just different doses.

Good Vibes contains 250mg of CBD, Super Good Vibes has 1000mg of CBD, and Mega Good Vibes is the strongest concentration, at 2500mg per bottle. Pure Good Vibes is the only unflavored option, and each 30mL bottle contains 1000mg of CBD.

CBD Topicals

Some people like to use topicals to provide immediate relief to targeted areas. CBD is known to promote healthier skin, and to help soothe and relieve sore muscles and joints when massaged into a specific spot.

Sabaidee makes two different kinds of CBD topical, and the main difference is their relative portability and thickness. They are both made with the same CBD oil that is in their standard formula.

Relief Rub ($59.00) – Sabaidee’s Relief Rub is the company’s version of a sports rub, but it does not contain menthol. Instead, it aims to provide similar relief without the overpowering smell, with camphor, blue tansy, and wintergreen leaf extracts.

Made with a combination of avocado, jojoba, and olive oils, along with beeswax and shea butter, this rub is made to be rich and thick so you can take your time concentrating on the areas that bother you the most. Contains 250mg of CBD in a 48g jar. 

Comfort Cream ($69.00) – According to the website, Sabaidee’s Comfort Cream is easier to apply and works more efficiently than the relief rub. It goes on silky-smooth, is non-greasy, and leaves a slight shine on the skin.

We can’t quite make out the full list of ingredients as there is no official list and the product photo is too small to read even when you zoom in, but the 50g pump bottle contains 500mg of CBD and is infused with bergamot, peppermint, and camphor oils for a pleasant sensation and aroma. 

Lab Results

We pride ourselves on providing the most unbiased CBD company reviews possible, and that requires ensuring we have all the facts.

We send a sample of CBD oil from the companies we review and always share the results. As you can see below, Sabaidee does not quite live up to what the label indicates for its 1000mg broad spectrum CBD.

We can overlook the fact that there is a little less CBD than the 1000mg promised because it does still fall into an acceptable margin of error for natural products derived from hemp (generally less than ten percent is considered adequately accurate).

However, this product has none of the minor cannabinoids on our list that would contribute to an entourage effect or qualify it as a broad spectrum formula despite it being touted as such.

The CBD itself is pure, and the lack of additional cannabinoids does not diminish the isolated effects of CBD, so it is still a fine formula if you are looking for an isolate.

The Facts

What Was TestedThe Results
Product TestedSabaidee Pure Good Vibes 1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD
Price/mg of CBD$0.12
Claimed CBD mg/package1000mg
Actual total CBD mg/package933mg
Actual total THC mg/packageNone detected
Actual total CBN mg/packageNone detected
Actual total CBC mg/packageNone detected
Actual total CBG mg/packageNone detected

Website Experience

Sabaidee’s website is pleasant enough to browse. We kind of wish that the company would focus on providing more information about its products and Sabaidee’s background, though.

Instead, it has separated its CBD oils into four different products and cluttered up the website, when really, they are all the same product with different concentrations and flavor options. Ingredients lists are nonexistent.

Even though product pages sometimes include photos of the ingredients list on the packaging, it is often still impossible to make out what is in the product due to tiny lettering.

There is no search option, but you don’t really need one since Sabaidee only has a few products to choose from anyway.

The website does have a blog with interesting, informational articles that are useful as you perform your search for the perfect CBD products for you.

Customer Service

The customer care team at Sabaidee doesn’t waste any time responding to support requests. It took them only three hours to get back to us.

However, their representative was selective in answering our questions. They also tried to push us towards their more expensive bundles.

We could imagine this aggressive upselling being frustrating to first-time customers who are just trying to learn more or get personalized recommendations.

Final Verdict

Sabaidee is a newer company; and some of the issues we have seen with its transparency, labeling, and marketing are common among CBD companies that are still working out how to navigate the industry. Some companies are simply making honest mistakes as they grow, and this could be the case with Sabaidee.

Even the company’s past trouble with the FDA over medical claims and labeling could be indicative of the trial-and-error stage of development.

You can certainly find a company that has more to offer and is more consistent, but the quality of the CBD, prices, and transparency are all average oir a little better.

The company does share its third party lab reports online, and it offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee (minus ten percent of the original cost if you have opened the package).

These are all reasons to give Sabaidee a try if you are interested in supporting a young company in its early stages, and you are looking for more of a CBD isolate formula rather than a broad spectrum.

Otherwise, we suggest you shop around and keep an eye on Sabaidee to see how it evolves as it becomes a more established company.

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