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Last Updated: September 2020
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Spruce has only been around since 2018, and it is already getting noticed, so we are excited to see where this company is headed in the future. Everything the company makes right now is top-notch, with a full spectrum formula that is one of the best we have seen. Even though the price of Spruce’s full spectrum CBD oil is a little higher than some, its premium quality you can count on—along with a dependable, mellow entourage effect—will be well worth the extra cost.

Overall Rating
CBD Quality100%
Customer Service100%

Spruce is a family-owned company that focuses on making high-quality CBD and changing the lives of its customers. A newcomer to the CBD industry, Spruce is already climbing in recognition due to its potent, rounded full spectrum CBD formula and its attention to detail.

The company currently only makes a couple of products, including CBD oils for humans and their furry friends, and a soothing lotion that customers claim is the cure for all their aches, pains, and skin problems.

The full spectrum CBD formula that Spruce makes comes from a specific strain of hemp that has been in the US since the war of 1812. It contains a profile including the right amount of CBD and all the minor cannabinoids on our list, as well as a reasonable amount of THC.

This is one of the best full spectrum CBD oils we have come across, and we absolutely love that you can share the joy with your pets!

One of our concerns with Spruce is its marketing strategy. The company does not make any direct claims about CBD’s benefits, but it features reviews and even video testimonials from its customers about how Spruce’s products have made a difference in their physical and emotional symptoms.

While most of us are aware of the benefits of CBD, the FDA has prohibited this kind of advertising, and Spruce is blatantly disregarding that regulation.

This may make some wary, but the company is otherwise a stand-out in the industry, and it makes one of the top-quality full spectrum CBD oils on our list.

Quick Summary


  • Excellent full spectrum formula 
  • Small, family owned business
  • Super fast shipping
  • Premium quality products at a reasonable price
  • Formulas just for your cats and dogs


  • No THC free products
  • Transparency could use improvement

Background Information

Tony Spencer was inspired to start his own CBD company with products that actually work dependably after experiencing his grandfather’s struggles with Parkinson’s, and the side effects that came with medications that had underwhelming results.

Founded in 2018 and based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Spruce is still very small and privately-owned. The Spencer family can even be found in the warehouse on the weekends filling orders and packing shipments.

Despite the small-town feel, Spruce is already getting attention, named by Forbes as one of the top brands to buy this year, and by Aging.com as the most potent CBD oil for seniors. 

The owners of Spruce went through an extensive vetting process before they chose the farms that grow the hemp they use in their products, and they ultimately went with two different family farms. One is in Kentucky and the other is in North Carolina, near the company headquarters.

The company uses a moonshine extraction process, which is essentially an ethanol extraction, but with a local twist. They claim that though the CO2 process guarantees no solvents are used, it provides less control over the resulting cannabinoids.

Spruce uses third party labs to test its products before they are shipped to your door, and they display the results from every batch on their website. 

Shipping and Returns

Spruce offers free shipping for subscribers to their monthly delivery service. And you may want a monthly delivery of Spruce’s products after giving them a try.

Until then, you’ll have to pay the postage fee through the USPS for standard shipping, and charges are determined at checkout. The company does not currently ship internationally, but it does ship to all 50 US states.

We order our products with the standard shipping option so that our experience is close as possible to the average customer’s experience. We ordered our CBD on a weekday, and Spruce sent our package out the very next day. Our CBD showed up on our doorstep two days after that, for a total of three days between ordering and delivery.

Spruce only offers refunds on products that have been returned in their original packaging, unopened and undamaged, unless you are a first time customer.

They want you to be able to try their CBD risk free to see for yourself how amazing it is. If you have never purchased anything from Spruce and you are dissatisfied, you only need to return the unused portion or the empty bottle within 30 days for a refund.

Spruce’s Products


Choosing the right CBD oil for your wellness or your aches and pains is an important decision. Spruce wants to separate itself from the other brands that just don’t do the trick; and it has paid close attention to the quality of the CBD oil it makes to ensure everything you expect out of a full spectrum CBD. 

This formula is potent and well-rounded, with every minor cannabinoid on our list present in at least a small concentration.

Spruce makes its CBD oil in just two strengths. The developers don’t believe that very low doses offer much relief, so they do not make lower concentrations.

750mg Lab Grade CBD Oil ($89) – This CBD oil is the lower dose that Spruce offers. With 25mg of CBD per dropperful in a 30mL bottle, the CBD is suspended in organic hemp seed oil and blended with natural flavoring to cut through the bitterness that is standard of full spectrum formulas.

 2400mg Lab Grade CBD Oil ($269) – The most potent CBD Spruce carries, this 30mL bottle contains 80mg of CBD per dropperful. There is no flavor added because they would not have been able to get the dose as high as they have if they added anything but CBD oil and a carrier.

You can, however, choose between organic hemp seed oil and organic MCT oil for your carrier, with the MCT oil creating a bit of a milder flavor.

CBD Topicals

CBD oils will help you feel your best from the inside out, but CBD topicals can help you feel your best from the outside in. Spruce’s customers love the CBD cream it makes, and they rave over its light, fresh scent, its non-greasy feel, and its soothing effects.

This is a bit of an all purpose cream, and you will find that it is perfect to moisturize your skin as well as to massage into sore, tired muscles after a long day or tough workout. 

Topical CBD Cream ($39) – Scented with all natural ingredients, this luxurious CBD cream contains 300mg of CBD in a 2 ounce jar. 

Pet Products

We all love our pets, and some of us treat them like humans. At the very least like family. And we want our family members to share in the joy when we find something that makes us feel good.

Spruce has formulated a CBD oil specifically for your furry friends, and this is one of the few pet products that we can recommend with confidence because of the company’s focus on quality and accuracy. The website includes a dosing chart so you can get it just right to keep your pet feeling fine.

Dog or Cat CBD Oil 750mg ($89) – Even though Spruce lists these products separately, they are both the same thing, but with different dosing recommendations.

This formula is just like the stuff Spruce makes for humans, except that they use no flavoring and they only use MCT oil as a carrier. This makes it easier on Fido and Fluffy’s digestive systems, and the milder flavor makes it easier to sneak the oil into their food or water. 

Lab Results

We are proud of the dependability of our CBD company reviews because we work to make sure they are always unbiased and thorough.  That’s why we always send a sample of oil to a third party lab so that we can see for ourselves that what is on the label is in the bottle.

For Spruce, we tested their 750mg CBD concentration and shared the results below. As you can see, the actual amount of CBD was within 12mg of the labeled amount, which falls well inside the acceptable margin of error. This oil contains all the cannabinoids on our list.

Even though some of the minor cannabinoids are not quite as potent as we would like to see, they are strong enough to produce a high-quality entourage effect. The high concentration of CBC means that your results will be mellow and relaxed.

The Facts

What Was TestedThe Results
Product TestedSpruce 750mg Full Spectrum CBD
Price/mg of CBD$0.12
Claimed CBD mg/package750mg 
Actual total CBD mg/package738mg
Actual total THC mg/package21mg
Actual total CBN mg/package3mg
Actual total CBC mg/package27mg
Actual total CBG mg/package9mg

Website Experience

Though the Spruce website has a woodsy aesthetic that matches the branding, and we love the consistency, navigation is difficult.

We would really like to see more information about the company on the website, as well as a blog with some material that will help new customers understand CBD and Spruce’s products.

It is a bit of a challenge to actually shop for Spruce’s products because there is no real top menu, just a green button off to the side that says “Shop CBD Now”.

Once you figure out how to get to the products, though, they are displayed clearly and simply.

The product pages include everything you would want to know, except for the lab results, for which the link to that page is in the FAQ. Once you get there, the lab results are easy to match to Spruce’s products and easy to read. 

Customer Service

We can’t praise Spruce enough for their excellent customer service. We filled out their contact form and received a response a few hours later.

Much to our surprise, the email we received was from Laurie Palmer, one of the founders of Spruce. She was very friendly and open in sharing facts about their products, as well as other bits of helpful CBD information.

Final Verdict

We can’t really say anything negative about Spruce or its products, except that we would like to see more. More information about the company, and a wider variety of products.

Everything the company makes right now is top-notch, with a full spectrum formula that is one of the best we have seen.

We hope that this small, family owned company can continue to expand without sacrificing the quality of its products, and it would be great to see some broad spectrum or CBD isolate products in the future, for people who are wary of exposure to THC.

Spruce has only been around since 2018, and it is already getting noticed, so we are excited to see where this company is headed in the future.

Unfortunately, there are no gummies or capsules for anyone who is not into using CBD oils; but if you don’t mind the earthy flavor, they are the most flexible option for getting your daily dose.

Even though the price of Spruce’s full spectrum CBD oil is a little higher than some, its premium quality you can count on—along with a dependable, mellow entourage effect—will be well worth the extra cost.

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